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As the swinging sixties gave rise to a new kind of fashion in Britain, Ben Sherman focused on improving on what was already a wardrobe staple: The button-down shirt.
Ben Sherman's unique take on shirting offered something brand new to England and became an enormous success - taking Brtiain, and then the world, by storm. Ben Sherman's shirts reall took off when they were eagerly embraced by a new fashion movement known as 'modernists' or 'mods'.
As the 1960s came to a close, demand was so much that it was hard for Ben Sherman to keep up. In 1970 Ben Sherman was ordering a million yards of oxford cloth, and a quarter of a million yards of gingham and striped fabric, which was all he could do to try and match the public's appetite.
Today, over five decades on, Ben Sherman is just as iconic and coveted by the leading elite in mens fashion.

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Ben Sherman

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