5 Mins With Nathan Jolliffe | Back To Uni Interview

A quick chat with our Back To Uni ambassador, Nathan Jolliffe.


Describe your personal style in three words: Relaxed, comfortable, bold.

Do you think the amount of guys looking to influencers for style inspo is increasing? Yeah, definitely. I’ve had quite a few followers reach out to me to ask what brands I wear. I thinks it’s cool that guys are taking pride in their style.

Do you have a morning ritual to share? Hmmm this is tough. I guess just watching the news or reading the newspaper. Every morning I wake up and flick the TV on to see what’s happening in the world. Generally SBS News.

What are some of your wardrobe staples that you think everyone should have? A comfortable pair of pants. I was always a big denim guy but in the past few years I’ve moved on to comfortable pants and lighter fabrics. If you find the right style they can be worn for every occasion - formal dinners to flying overseas.


Do you shop online or prefer to go into store? I do a lot online but if I had the option I would prefer to go in store. Every brand has different cuts and sizes which can be tricky. There have been plenty of times that I've bought clothes online and it wasn’t the fit i wanted.

When did you get into fashion? Probably around 12 years old. I remember buying some plain T shirts and screen printing on them in my Dad’s backyard. Ever since then I’ve been hooked.

Do you draw fashion inspiration from your travels? 100%. Travelling is so inspiring. I’ve been super lucky to have a travelled a lot in the past 5 years. It’s cool to see different fashion around the world.


What do you see as the current trends for guys fashion that can be used for a casual uni outfit? Cropped trouser, Vans sneakers and a plain t-shirt. Simple, easy and comfortable. Dress to impress on the weekend, keep it casual at uni.

When it comes to Uni would you go for style or comfortability? Well for me, my style is comfortable anyway; but if it wasn't, probably style. For example old baggy trackies may be comfortable but shouldn't be worn outside the house.

Do you have any favourite fashion icons? Johnny Depp has been one of my icons for as long as I can remember. In more recent times ASAP Rocky and Jaden Smith. Need i explain?

Any final style advice for young people coming out of high school and not having to wear a uniform everyday? Like I said earlier – Don’t wear all your best clothes to Uni during the week. Save some for the weekend so you are looking fresh on the dance floor!