5 Mins With Yan Yan Chan | Back To Uni Interview

We catch five minutes with our Back To Uni ambassador, Yan Yan Chan.


Describe Your Personal Style My personal style and taste varies from city to city, but it's always a mix between city and beach life. It's real laid back with a twist of tailored pants and shirts.. I love a bold colour like red and strong silhouetting.

What's the best, and worst, part of being a creative? I think the best thing about being able to share my creative work and experiments on the internet space, is being able to create a connection with people from anywhere and anytime, without proximity restrictions. It's a pretty ridiculously amazing feeling as well, when I meet or receive messages from people who have been following my story/work from day dot. It's a pretty unexplainable and weird feeling being able to somehow influence and inspire other creatives or other people who are scared to be creative. The worst thing I can think of is probably the moments where I feel like my work is not good enough, or when I get stuck in creative blocks. But the best lesson I've learnt, is to always back yourself!

Do you have a morning ritual? I've never been a morning person, but the past year - I've really cherished early mornings, being active, cooking breakfast and being able to have me time before the day begins.

What are some of your wardrobe staples that you think everyone should have? Good quality basics, a pair of pants that'll go with everything in your wardrobe, a good leather jacket, white sneakers... and jewellery. Love jewellery.


Do you shop online or prefer to go into store? If I'm feeling spontaneous and want a bit of instant gratification, I'll go in-store.. If I'm after a bit of a splurge I'll go online! I'm not a big shopper, I'm a pretty selective shopper.

When did you get into fashion? I can't really pinpoint the exact moment - but I've always been fascinated by fashion and the arts, so from an early age I started interning, assisting stylists, and was always working within the industry.. eventually I started a blog out of interest - and it's just built up from there.

Do you draw fashion inspiration from your travels? Not specifically fashion inspiration, but overall inspiration. for sure. Travelling is so important to me, I have a constant need to learn, see new things, meet new people and constantly move.. I don't like being too comfortable, I like feeling a little on my toes, it keeps me driven and inspired.


What are some of your go to brands? I love retailers who offer a variety of brands.. I get a little lazy like that - online stores or stores who have a already great curated selection of brands - ones who have a focus in quality and wearability as well.

What do you see as the current trends in fashion that can be used for a casual uni outfit? I think the blazer + vintage Levi's + good basic shirt and a nice belt is a look that will never go out or in trend. Oh, and a good pair of sneakers or brogues.

When it comes to uni, would you go for style or comfortability? Both! I think when you're comfortable, you're stylish.


You’re viewed as a fashion icon to so many thousands of your followers, do you have any favourite fashion icons? I don't have specific fashion icons, but I love old campaign imagery from the 80's and 90's.

Any final style advice for young people coming out of high school and not having to wear a uniform everyday? Back yourself and wear what you feel most you.