Get to know her Denim Style at Glue Store HQ.

Name? -

Arianne Witt

Role? -

Social Media Editor

What Jeans are you wearing right now? -

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans



Your go-to Denim fit? -

I like to opt for a pair of slouchy light wash Boyfriend Jeans for the daytime and a pair of high waisted black Skinny Jeans for the night either with one ripped knee hole or without, depending on the occasion.

3 things you look for when buying Denim? -

Primarily comfort + my ability to easily move around in them. I also love a Skinny Jean that is quite fitted around the ankle and suits well with a shirt tucked into the front.

Favourite iconic Denim moment you loved? -

The entire wardrobe for the Themla and Lousie Movie. The high waisted Mom Jeans, oversized denim jackets and sleeveless denim shirts tied up at the front teamed up with wide brim hats, band tees and bandanas - I would wear it all! Plus the double denim ensembles by Brad Pitt are definitely pretty great also.


Your top 3 Denim picks? -

Assembly High-Waisted Jeans

Cheap Monday High Spray On Skinny Jeans

Paige Denim Hoxton Samira Jeans

Any Denim styling secrets? -

Not really any groundbreaking secrets per se but I like to wear my denim with a slight inside tuck at the ankles as I think it works better for my height and I also like to do all my own distressing when it comes to my denim or add onto it if it already exists on the Jeans. I'll usually buy a pair of Jeans that I like the fit of and use some bleach to lighten them if I need to and use some sandpaper, a hand-held cheese grater and a pumice stone to create different levels of distressing.

It's also great to hold onto any pairs of jeans that are of a Mom Jean or Boyfriend Jean fit that you no longer need as Jeans and DIY them into some cut offs for the warmer weather. This teamed up with a plain white oversized tee and a pair of black boots is my go-to outfit for during the Summertime.


How do you care for your Denim? -

I don't like to wash my denim too often as I definitely can see the effects of that on them when I do so I normally like to air them out in-between wears outside hanging on my balcony to keep them fresh and just cold hand wash and air dry if I do need to wash them.


What Denim fit would you wear for..

Saturday Night Out - Skinny leg and high waisted, black and maybe a little shine for some glam rock vibes.

Sunday Kicking Back- A light wash high waisted vintage style or a pair of slouchy distressed boyfriend jeans tapered at the bottom.

A Music Gig- Skinny leg and high waisted, black with a ripped knee hole or two.

Lastly, most fun you've ever had in a pair of Jeans? -

Any and every music gig i've ever been to in a pair of Jeans.

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