With the 70’s revival back in in full swing, we've got some simple styling tips for you to adopt the iconic Flared Jean into your everyday wardrobe.

The Flare Re-Birth

As early as September 2014 major fashion houses including Saint Laurent, Balmain, Celine and Tom Ford unveiled their take on flared pants, catapulting us into a nostalgic hippie fashion era.

Eleanor Pendleton of Gritty Pretty

The 70’s craze that ensued quickly brought about the re-birth of the classic denim flares. Heralded for being the revolutionary super-slimming, leg-lengthening, waist trimming alternative to the classic straight leg jean, fashion houses, high-street stores, supermodels and celebrities quickly launched into the trend at full speed.

How To Wear Flares Like A Pro

Celebrities and supermodels, as usual, make this trend look effortless every time. But as a mere mortal, nailing the 70’s-inspired bell-bottom can be a daunting prospect. No doubt, it's particularly painful for those of us still clinging onto our faithful skinny jeans.

But fear not, we've come up with some simple ways to style bell-bottom jeans and flared pants.

Brooke Testoni

Go Clean Cut

Most reservations about embracing this trend seem to centre around the fear of feeling as though you've turned up to a costume party when everyone else missed the memo.

Legally Blond Awkward Costume Moment

Avoid any chance of this happening by taking inspiration from the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteleyand Nicole Richie by keeping it clean with some basic wardrobe staples. Doing so will keep this look firmly in the realms of effortlessly stylish, steering you away from any traces of fancy dress terror. Throw on anything from a staple tee or jumper and you’ll soon be giving Victoria's Secret Model Karlie Klossa run for her money in the “just rolled out of bed looking like this” style stakes. For a slightly smarter edge you could also don a simple blazer just like Miss Richie.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Nicole Richie

Karlie Kloss

Because I'm A Gypsy

Is styling your flares with basics too, well, basic? Pay homage to the original ambassador the flared jeans, Jane Birkin, and create a Boho-Chic look like no other. Team your bell-bottoms with a classic gypsy top just like Jane herself and you've nailed the look in an instant. Collarless embroidered shirts are also a great way to create this classic folky vibe.

Retro Flares on Jane Birkin

Go All-Out Retro

You can of course turn the 70’s vibe of your outfit up a notch and add a biker jacket, a pair of shades and some killer boots to your outfit. Kimonos are also a great way to hit this trend, and an oversized floppy hat will give you that extra edge in an instant. To ultimately complete the look, add a pair of open-toe wedges or chunky boots to your ensemble.

Gizele Oliveira

Double Your Denim

90's revival has seen the return of the double denim outfit. But you may not realise this iconic 90's look was, at the time, a throw-back to the 1970's. Go full on laid back chic in a simple denim shirt, brown belt and your new flares!

Use layering in neutral hues to give your retro-inspired outfit an up-t0-date twist.

Denim Flares Streetstyle / Man Repeller

Aisha Jade in Wrangler Flares for Glue Store

Get Distressed

Adopting this latest trend doesn’t mean you have to totally discard your love of distressed denim. Being individual and staying true to your own personal style is what fashion is all about, and distressed denim gives that worn-in look. If you can't find a pre-distressed pair, why not get creative and distress a pair yourself? All you need is a YouTube tutorial and a steady hand!

Distressed Denim Flares / Sincerely Jules

Maja Wyh

In The Trenches

The iconic trench coat hit its style strides around the middle of the century, so it's no surprise that this retro classic goes great with a pair of flares.

Because bell-bottom jeans and flared pants elongate your legs, you can get away with layering longer length coats over your outfit without looking frumpy - or, god forbid, any shorter than you already are. Choose a jacket where the length hits the sweet spot - just above the point your bottoms begin to flare.

Danish It Girl Pernille TeisbaekMaja Wyh

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