Get to known the guys behind the brand.

Names:Daniel Oliver, Damien Horan and Lee Thompson

Tell us a bit about Assembly Label: In 2011 we started our Label to make minimal basics for a coastal lifestyle. We always pushed to use more premium fabrics to what was offered in the market but keep the price really inclusive. After some success and a lot of learnings from the Menswear range in 2014 we launched Assembly Womens with the same ethos as the Mens. Assembly is all about timeless design, a relaxed style and premium quality.

Describe your Personal Style:Rushed, simple and relaxed.

What inspired your Latest Collection:Laid-back beach days, Summer at it’s best.

Do you have a Muse for the Brand that you can take inspiration from continually or anyone/anything in particular that inspired your latest collection:Our coastal surrounds are a constant inspiration for our ranges, everything revolves around this, the music, the design & the people.

Being a Sydney based brand, how has your Environment / Coastal Lifestyle influenced your designs and aesthetic and in what elements:The easy going lifestyle & attitude for which Australia is well renowned, particularly on the coast plays a big part in our design. Comfy, relaxed fits, simple easy to wear silhouettes & subtle washes thatwork well for transitioning between the city and the sand.

What are the current must-have items from the latest range:

Girls - I don’t think you can go past the Washed White Knit, Horizon L/S Tee (which is a cotton linen blend) worn back with the Spectrum Pant in Light Denim.

Guys - The Horizon L/S Tee worn with the Melrose Denim Jacket. If you wanted to make a bit of a statement you'd jump into the Pacific Silk Shirt in Worn Black.

If Assembly Label was a song what would it be:'Feel it all around' by Washed Out. Light, airy & easy to digest.

If Assembly Label was a location where would it be:Byron Bay.

If Assembly Label was a food what would it be:A Coconut.

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