Stylist and young creative, Eloise Jaksic, tours Italy and France with her fave pieces from Backstage's latest collection.

Many people dream of travelling around Europe, but it’s a big continent with a lot to choose from. What cities did you hit on your trip, and why did you choose them? I was a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding in Positano (the dream, right!?) and so my trip was kind of based around that. When I travel I like to really live like a local and always stay in the less touristy areas. I spent a lot of time on the countryside of Italy just immersing myself in the culture.

What are the Top 3 places you visited? Paris – It just doesn’t get any better Amalfi Coast – I got to watch my best friend walk down the isle halfway across the world. It was pretty magical and unbeatable Puglia – Countryside of Italy – It’s where the Italians like to holiday, so you know it is going to be good!

Are you a touristy traveller, or do you prefer to live like a local? 100% live like a local. Except in Positano, I didn’t stay in any touristy areas. I did a mix of boutique art hotels and Airbnbs. I can tell you, I definitely lived like a local as most places we stayed in we were the only English speaking people – even in Paris!

Did you notice any differences between European style and Aussie style? What do you think each could learn from each other? There is huge difference. The Europeans are just so much fun. That’s why my Backstage pieces fit in so perfectly – I looked like I’d stepped out of an Italian boutique. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aussie style too plus we have all the mid-range designers, which are hard to find in Europe.

If your instagram is anything to go by, you managed to pull out many different outfits throughout the trip. Any tips for packing so you can get the most out of your ensembles? I’m probably not the best person to give advice about packing since I did have to ship a suitcase home! Although in Europe I did mix and match my pieces to create different outfits that I would never have thought of at home. You have to work with what you have!

When travelling, do you aim for comfort or style? Except for my airport attire, I always dress for style. I’m kind of a chameleon – in each city I dressed completely differently. I was all about the colourful co-ords in Italy, timeless style in Paris and ‘90s in London. This might be why I needed to send an extra bag home!

One Aussie label that appeared multiple times throughout your travels is Backstage. What made this brand so perfect for exploring Europe? I think this Backstage collection was meant for a European Summer. The fun, flirty, pastel pieces were perfect for those Amalfi sunsets and then the overalls and stripe story were perfect for the effortless style of Paris.

What was your favourite Backstage piece from the trip? It’s pretty hard to beat the Kyra Dress in Red when it fits in so perfectly with the Positano landscape!

What is one thing you never travel without? My Superga Platforms. They are more dressy than a normal sneaker and you can walk for hours on end. Win, win!

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