Behind The Brand: Lulu & Rose

Meet Nilou Zibaee, designer for the label Lulu & Rose.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?
Travel, art, spying cool outfits on the streets. Also my team at work! We love to talk about the next thing we are all dying to wear, and then work to hopefully make this a reality.

Nilou and her team

How do you keep updated with the latest trends?
Spending time out of the office to see what people are wearing, both here in oz and overseas. Following European Social media influencers, in particular those from Denmark or Stockholm are great for fashion for inspo. One of my faves is Babba, a Swedish fashion girl based in NYC.

Who’s your favourite artist?
Slim Aarons. All of his photography is from where I’d rather be. 

What’s your favourite music album?
At the moment Apple Crumble by Winston Surfshirt.

 What hobbies are you enjoying right now? How are you keeping busy during social iso?

Daily walks in centennial park and listening to e-books, watching loads of home workouts and recipe videos on YouTube...but then never actually doing any of them. And baking - especially mug cakes, I‘ve just discovered these. This is my outfit for saving recipes while waiting for my ubereats to arrive:

You can shop the latest from Lulu & Rose online now.