Meet Mav. Owner of an oh-so stylish Instagram account. Slaying it on the small screen as one of Australia’s hottest up-and-coming talents.

Paving her way as a style icon, Mavournee Hazel labels herself as nothing more than the super-fun and quirky, girl next door.


From being fired from the local fruit and veg shop, to the TV screen five crazy years later, it's clear that a Mavournee has retained some fruity flavour.

Pictured rocking the Cherry Bomb t-shirt from Beyond Her, Mavournee flaunts what this trendy statement tee is all about.

Feminine, but not overly girly- with more of an edge. Boasting a strong sense of 90s nostalgia with a distinctive attitude. This tee says it all!

Here is a relaxed street sensibility style. A tee with a twist. Hit with a cherry bomb, Mav has shaken things up, so you’re left looking stylish and feeling sweet.

Match it with a red bomber jacket to keep warm. Take a simple leather backpack to keep the goodies in and put on those sexy summer specs. And you’re off!


Even off-set, Mav flaunts high-end casual wear with a relaxed NYC vibe. From days off watching Netflix, to being out in the sun playing catch up with the girls, the classic Calvin Klein logo tee has exploded onto the market as an overnight success.

A lightweight tee that lends itself to just about anything, this is a piece that was made for the stylist. Now you can decide what you want to do with it.

“In my opinion you can pull anything off that you like. If you think it matches, put it on.”

And she’s not wrong. A simple logo tee made for all. Choose the colour tone tee that tempts you most, and match it with just about anything that speaks to you. Whether it’s a light weight coloured flannel, or ripped jeans that show your rebellious side, we have left it up to you to decide.

These go-to tees for all occasions are up for grabs. If it’s a quick beach trip, shopping day or Sunday brunch, chuck these bad boys on and you’re good to go.

Words: Brittany Hughes