Champion, Since 1919 #keepit100

As it turns 100 years, Champion is back to take your streetwear game to the next level!

As one of the most popular sportswear brands, Champion combines modern wear with comfortable sports designs.

The century-old brand has gained worldwide popularity thanks to its cozy fits and classic designs.

From school students to retired athletes, the Champion logo can be seen across different styles and age groups, mostly due to the simple design and proven apparel quality.

Inspired by classic street style, Champion’s demographics have reached anyone from hip-hop artists and boxers to military staff and retired sports professionals.

Due to its massive popularity, the brand was almost considered to be the inventor of American activewear.

Today, Champion is still considered as one of the streetwear staples that takes a modern approach to traditional sportswear.

But to truly understand the story of a premium heritage brand such as Champion, we have to go back in time where everything began.


Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

Rochester, New York, 1919 - the year when Feinbloom brothers established the “Knickerbocker Knitting Company”.

Upon the establishment, their company has soon signed a deal with Michigan Wolverines to manufacture uniforms for their team.

By 1930, the company was renamed to “Champion Knitting Mills Inc” and already known for their sweatshirt designs and production.

Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

As news of a good and premium-quality brand travelled fast, the company started to produce their signature sweatshirts to US Military Academy, where the students used them during physical education classes and training sessions.

After the successful collab with the Military Academy, Champion sweatshirts were known all around the US and the rest was history!


Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

Following the success of their sweatshirts, t-shirts and athletic socks, Champion has quickly become favourable among students all across America.

Along with the growth of its reputation, the company was also focused on increasing its quality levels with constant brainstorming of potential products development.

In the 1930s, the brand introduced the first-ever hooded sweatshirt, which was particularly designed to be functional and keep athletes warm in between games or training sessions.

Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

Focused on the premium designs and high levels of quality, Champion continued to move to boundaries of traditional activewear and introduced the Reverse Weave Sweatshirt, which allowed American team coaches to wash the entire team of athletes uniforms without damaging the garment.

Reverse Weave technique featured the fibre fleece which was turned upright during production in order to avoid horizontal shrinkage while the garments featured two side panels along with inserts to cuffs, neck and hem for prevention of heat dispersion and maximum freedom of movement.

Although the Reverse Weave technique was positively welcomed among Champion’s customers, the process to obtain a Patent certificate for the technical procedure, was, however, suspended during the World War 2 and finally finalized in 1952.


Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

In the 1960s, the brand introduced their signature “C” logo, affixed to the left sleeve of the Champion sweatshirts which quickly became a synonym for the legendary sportswear brand.

The sixties marked the start of Champion’s partnership with a major sporting association such as the National College Athletic Association and National Football League (NFL).

But, Champion’s success did not stop there. During the 1970s, the brand started conquering the street culture where their signature hooded sweatshirts were gaining huge popularity.

Carefully designed with the main focus on practicality and functionality, Champion’s hooded sweatshirt was endorsed by both athletes and street style lovers.

Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

By the ‘90s, the brand has become famous on the streets and worn by rap and hip-hop artists, skaters as well as athletes, only this time both on and off the court.

Combining the ultimate levels of comfort and freedom of movement, the brand was the first one to produce the Double Sided (reversible) T-Shirt as well as develop and produce the popular “Breathable” Nylon Mesh fabric, today known as the staple fabric for construction of basketball uniforms.

Backed with innovative technology and attractive design, Champion was ready to take on the world.


Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

During the ‘90s, Champion became the leading activewear brand in America, with the exclusive rights to dress all 27 NBA teams.

Champion was on a rise with a variety of authentic styles and off-court merchandise worn by some of the legendary NBA players.

While the golden era of the NBA rose Champion to another level, the brand continued to grow and became the official outfitter for the first ever USA Dream Team at the historical Olympics held in Barcelona, which helped the brand expand to Europe.

Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

Maring the 60th anniversary of the Reverse Weave Sweatshirt, the brand relaunched their signature product in Europe, where it was in high demand, thanks to the Champion’s strong influence in music and street culture.

Signature Champion hoodies were in a demand that high that retailers did not even have time to put them on the shelves as the people would buy them straight out of the box.


Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

Today, Champion is back as one of the must-have heritage brands in the street culture.

Bringing the hottest streetwear styles, the brand is still loyal to its vintage logo sweatshirts, hoodies and tees.

Worn by celebs all around the globe, Champion is not a brand that requires promotion, on the contrary - Champion is still the first choice of celebs, style bloggers and Instagram influencers worldwide.

From your next door neighbour to Kylie Jenner, timeless Champion designs are still worn by people of all ages, occupations and fashion preferences.

Glue Store | Champion Since 1919

Bringing back the season’s favourite logo trend, Champion has changed the fashion industry and will continue to stay on top of the streetwear game thanks to their quality styles and vintage designs.

Straight from Glue Store shelves, we bring you some of the hottest Champion styles that you can wear all year around!

Known for their advanced technology and an extreme dose of comfort, Champion hoodies, sweatshirts and track pants are a must in everyone’s wardrobe while signature tees and accessories will keep your outfit on point.

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