Denim care tips from Nick Hughes of Denham The Jeanmaker.

1. Make sure you buy your right size.

If your jeans are too big or too small you’re always going to run into problems, which can deteriorate the integrity of the fabric. Cotton naturally stretches so make sure your jeans are really snug around the waist when trying them on for the first time. It may be a little tricky to do them up for the first wear or two, but don’t worry as they’ll naturally relax to give you a perfect fit. If the jeans have a larger percentage of stretch go as small as possible as they’ll be more likely to stretch out.

2. Try washing your jeans as little as possible.

Obviously you will need to dab out any spills and stains with a damp cloth, but try not to get them too wet too often. If your jeans are starting to smell you can always air them out, or use an antibacterial fabric spray to kill any germs.

3. Hand wash your jeans.

At Denham The Jeanmaker we’re famous for our street-washing. We take our time and use natural enzyme soaps to work away the grime. Using the floor as a natural abrasive to help extenuate the natural patina that has developed on your favourite pair of jeans. If street washing isn’t your thing and you’re going to use a washing machine wash them on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees.

4. Don't believe the myth.

Putting your jeans in the freezer will not clean them, or kill the bacteria! Putting your jeans in the freezer will put the bacteria into a dormant state. When you take them out they may smell fresh again, but as soon as the bacteria warms back up they’ll be back to normal. This just takes up space in your freezer from food!

5. Love your jeans imperfections.

Denim is a highly tactile and malleable fabric. You wearing them is always going to change them, and your jeans become completely unique to you. Enjoy your Virgin To Vintage journey every step of the way. When you do need repairs drop your jeans off at the Denham Service Co.concept area in SuperGlue Emporium for some TLC from a denim expert.