Dickies Is For Everyone

Dickies has been at the forefront of workwear since 1922. In the 90s, Dickies gained the interest of skaters and musicians but also kept their workwear presence.

Today, we see Dickies as a cult fashion brand offering both work and casual wear staples. What once started as a small bib and brace overalls company has now transformed into a worldwide popular brand offering a broad spectrum of work garments as well as some pretty cool casual wear. Since the beginning, the Dickies brand has been known for offering quality and tough all-American workwear which manifested the spirit of every American worker.

Worn by celebrities and “it” boys and girls worldwide, Dickies has involved from a small family-owned business to a must-have cult brand representing the base and spirit of American culture and working class.



How It All Started - The Dickies Story

Back in 1918, C.N. Williamson and E.E. “Colonel” Dickie established a small “vehicle and harness” business in Bryan, Texas and named it the U.S. Overall Company. Three years later, in 1922, C. Don Williamson joined with his father and cousin to buy 100% of the overall company and renamed it Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. And the Dickie brand was officially born.

In their early beginnings, the company was focusing on the production of the bib and brace work suits while enjoying the steady growth. During the World War II, the Dickies company was sequestered to produce millions of uniforms for the American armed forces.

In the after-war period, C. Don Williamson came up with the strategy which allowed the company to expand geographically and establish new production facilities, warehouses and sales networks through the U.S. By late 1950s. Dickie was known as an internationally-popular brand, with sales expanding to European and Middle Eastern markets.



Workwear Turned Skating Uniform

During the 90’s, Dickies became favourite brand wear among the skating community. This was because the company was known for their quality and durable garments as well as affordable pricing. The brand was popular among skater due to its authenticity and soon has grown to become a signature “uniform” wear among skaters.

The company owned a lot to the skaters, as popularity among the skating community pushed the brand to the next level. Dickies was feeling the love from the skating community, so the company started introducing skater-friendly clothing while still keeping its recognisable dose of patriotism.

Soon, Dickies became the “it” clothing brand in America and became more appealing to worldwide consumers. It has gained the street credit and cool factor, which made the company extremely popular among younger generations.

With serious “Sk8er Boi” vibes, Dickies became popular among both male and female street fashion lovers and build its reputation of durable and top quality brand manufacturer. The brand is now sold across all American states and worldwide, including countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Chile, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany and many more.



Fashionable Workwear Took Over the World

As skateboarding popularity began to fade, Dickies has reinvented itself and became a more fashion-oriented brand with a strong American feel. Over the years, the company has shifted from traditional workwear to more commercial and stylish clothing pieces.

The brand has collaborated with the Opening Ceremony and their team of uber-trendy fashion designers, which has further increased their sales and help them reach new audiences. Soon, the brand started appealing to a more diverse and wider network of customers worldwide. From workers to bloggers and celebrities, everyone was looking to grab a piece of Dickies clothing.

This collab has transferred Dickies from tough workwear manufacturer to high fashion, must-have brand. Worn by many celebrities, Dickies signature style can often be seen on celebs like Justin Bieber, A$Ap Rocky and Kourtney Kardashian who are just a few among a number of trendsetters rocking the popular Dickies pieces.

The collection featured a range of oversized and comfy twill pants, carpenter jeans and over-shirts with a blend of Dickies basic colours and edgy style of Opening Ceremony. From not so fashionable workwear to high fashion and Holywood, the brand has massively developed but still kept its authenticity and premium quality.

With iconic workwear styles, Dickies clothing can be mixed and matched to suit everyone's taste. Whether you are looking for sporty vibes, casual work wear or breathtaking combination for the night out, Dickies staple pieces will definitely spice up your outfit.



Dickies is for everyone

Although the Dickies brand is worn by high-fashionable bloggers and A-list celebrities, here at Glue Store, we made sure that the hottest Dickies pieces are available for you to mix and match with your personal style. So, guys, don’t worry! We got you covered as Dickies is for everyone!

Since the beginning, Dickies was all about the quality and durable workwear. Dickies wide-leg trousers and work pants have become one of the cult fashion pieces across both men and women fashion wear. Dickies 874 Work Pants are one of the most popular work pants styles among trendsetters and fashion icons around the globe.



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