We sat down with the creator of Every Last Second to find out what inspires them and how it all begun..

How did Every Last Second start?

Every Last Second started as a project to capture friends and people I meet, documenting my own youth and the everlasting seconds that continue indefinitely going into the future that simultaneously, also constantly become our past.

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What makes a good photo or what do you look for when taking a good photo?

A good photo to me is more about the story and process leading up to and after the photos are taken.

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You've photographed a lot of very cool people from Zoe Kravitz to Jillionaire to RZA from The Wu Tang Clan.. who has been your favourite person you've photographed to date?

I don't think I have one favourite but I like photos I've taken of musicians. They are often the most comfortable being in front of my lens and show character.

Any styling tips or tricks for Winter?

Layering is key! Whenever I wear heavier jackets, I wear thinner or more breathable fabrics and avoid synthetics underneath so I don't look too bulky or overheat easily.

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Do you have any particular Muses?

My muses change constantly.

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Describe your personal style?

My style is pretty simple. I wear a lot of black. It might be cliche, but black is edgy and refined at the same time.

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If Every Last Second was a song what would it be..

It'd be a soundtrack for my life.

If Every Last Second was a location where would it be..

A never ending theme park!

If Every Last Second was a food what would it be..

A buffet full of different flavours.

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Photographer: @everylastsecond / Model: Jono Friend @jonofriend / Stylist: Arianne Witt @lola_jagger