Get Ready With Glue Beauty

Check out our ultimate beauty routine that will get you summer-ready!

Summer is just around the corner and every girl aims to showcase her flawless skin.

As warm, sunny days approach us, it’s time that you leave all that heavy make up a side and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

Take a few hours off your busy schedule and spoil your mind and body.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Glue Store Beauty Routine

So, read along and follow our guide for the ultimate beauty look.

Let’s get ready together and try out our latest beauty arrivals.

From warm baths and relaxing candles to primers and body oils - our beauty list covers all your essentials!

It’s Bath Time!

Glue Store Beauty Routine

It’s time to leave your job and all life worries behind!

Disconnect from the world and make yourself a nice bath that will relax both your mind and body.

We got you covered with our Salt by Hendrix range, which comes in a variety of bath salts and cleansing products to suit different personal preferences

Treat your skin with a cleansing bar and then relax in one of the popular cleanse soaks.

You will feel as good as new before you know it!

Grab your favourites!

Relax your body with the latest from Salt by Hendrix, including Bath Time Baby Set of5, Cleanse Pink French Clay Rose Soak and Pink Clay Cleansing Bar.

Relaxing Candles For Mind Recharge

Glue Store Beauty Routine

Nothing can free your mind as a relaxing smell of your favourite candle.

Browse our range of P.F Candle Co. and Boy Smells candles and find your favourites.

Light them up while you enjoy your perfect bath for the ultimate relaxation mode.

Turn your phone off and play your favourite playlist.

Relax and let the positive vibes and our beauty staples pamper your body and soul.

Grab your favourites!

Sit back and relax with P.F. Candle Co. Room Spray in no31 Cannabis Scent, Boy Smells Coconut Beeswax Candle In Cinderose Scent and P.F. Candle Co. Mini Handmade Soy Candle in no21 Golden Coast.

Face Mask Must-Haves

Glue Store Beauty Routine

These days us girls tend to wear lots of makeup.

Although we all wake up flawless, every girl likes to emphasise her natural beauty.

Well, it’s not easy to achieve that #makeupgoals look!

While you might enjoy experimenting with new trends, looks and trying out new tutorials, your skin could use a break and recharge.

Try our range of face masks that will give you an instant fresh look.

Treat your skin and feel younger and fresher with Blaq and Generation Clay face masks.

Grab your favourites!

Shop Blaq Peel Off Mask Tube, Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Maskand Blaq Hyaluronic Acid Eye Masks Pack of 5.

Your Ordinary Skin Routine

Glue Store Beauty Routine

Update your daily skin routine with our new essentials.

Endorsed by Kim Kardashian, The Ordinary brings you a wide range of beauty products that will boost your natural beauty and keep your skin fresh and young.

From refreshing primers and creams to elixirs and oils, our skincare range will keep your face on point 24/7.

Work your way towards a healthier skin with our skin routine must-haves.

Grab your favourites!

Shop our new beauty must-haves from The Ordinary, such as Buffer Multi-Technology Peptide Serum, Natural Moisturising Factors + HA and High Spreadability Fluid Primer.

Body Oils For That Summer Glow

Glue Store Beauty Routine

Just in time for summer, our range of body oils is here.

Complete your skin care routine with Salt by Hendrix oils that will give your skin that summer glow.

Coming in different textures, scents and packaging, our body oils lightweight and will allow your skin to breathe while still looking flawless.

Perfect for daily use, all oils are deeply moisturising and refreshing.

Forget about sticky and heavy lotions - with Salt by Hendrixbody oils you’ll enjoy your every move.

Grab your favourites!

Shop Salt by Hendrix range of body oils, including Mermaid Oil Facial Treatment in Bergamot Clary Sage, Magical Rose Daytime Illuminating Elixir Creme and Body Oil With Neroil and Argan.