Glue Store x MBFW

Well, it's all done and dusted but last week the Glue Store got down to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney. We were able to catch a number of shows to get some foresight on what you guys can get your hot little mitts on coming into the new season and you should probably be excited! With so many new Resort collections being prepped we are all in for a colourful and fashionable summer. What did we notice in trends coming through in the new season?
  • Bold Printspeople were definitely out to make a statement
  • Marigold and Forest Green rich tonesand you bet we are going to follow through with the goods
  • Crops and Strapless Topspartner up and show off some shoulders!
  • Heels are doneSorry people that need that extra height! Heels have gone the way of the dodo and flats reign is back
  • Statement Accessoriesbut if you love something eye catching it's time to get on the hunt for new bags and earrings the more interesting the better!
Favourite Collection:Hansen & Gretal - We loved the coloured ginghams and the tropical prints mixed and matched with leopard for interesting but eye catching clashes. And what was the vibe in the street? Keeping it CasDressing up is hard so why not dress down? The crowd vibe was definitely more street and casual from sweatpants to tee's. Trackpants were full of pop with bright colours and fleece combos. CombosSo what if you're not cool enough to go full street? Combo ofcourse! Combining track pants with feminine pieces was the way to go. Be comfortable and look on fleek! GINGHAMIt's coming back with a vengeance and our body is ready! Get ready to ride this wave with us. Check it out in the Gallery below: IMG_4149 IMG_9656 IMG_9636 IMG_9610 IMG_4630 IMG_4060 IMG_0026 IMG_0050 IMG_0267 IMG_0272 IMG_0355 IMG_0409 IMG_4112 IMG_9677 IMG_9742 GLUE STORE X Words by: Carlo Hilton