It's A Heritage Sportswear Renaissance

Centuries ago, clothing was designed to showcase luxury and power as only wealthy members of society could afford to be well-dressed and groomed.

Today, clothing is designed to express personal style and attitude.

Over the last years, streetwear has been playing a major role in the fashion industry. From ‘60s casual tennis style and court wear to RUN D.M.C.’s head-to-toe Adidas style, tracksuits and trainers slowly started to dominate the world.

Brands like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Ellesse, Champion and Fila were conquering anything from runways to music videos.

In the 70’s, Adidas designed the iconic Stan Smith sneaker silhouette while during the 80’s, Nike came out with brands like Air Jordan and Air Max.

And soon after, the whole world was familiar with the popular street dress code.

The Classics Are Back

Fast forward to 2018, almost every 80’s and 90’s cult brand is back, this time stronger than ever.

From Fila to Ellesse and Kappa, popular heritage brands are launching new garments while still keeping their old school vibe and recognisable logos.

The style that was once popular among the hip-hop and street community has now climbed all the way to the top and currently stands as the number one style wear in the whole fashion industry.

From Kardashians to Insta models and fashion icons, street style, once again, became the must-have style of the season. Celebrities worldwide are seen rocking the iconic heritage logos, while other brands are giving their best to keep up and launch their own heritage-inspired pieces.

So, before you ask your mum for some 90’s throwback clothing pieces, we made sure that you know what’s hot again and how to rock your favourite sports heritage pieces.

The Logo Cult

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it was important to know who’s who. From rock stars and rappers to large brand logos, everyone was focused on making their name unforgettable.

The logo cult is strong. All heritage brands are known for having their logo visibly featured on the garment. Sleeves, legs, back, front, side - taped or enlarged, a signature logo is simply a must-have feature.

Not only that it expresses brand loyalty and your attitude, but featured logo on the heritage sports garments also brings out a clean and fresh look, which is the core of street style.

Coming in classic design and easy-to-match colours these garments can be worn with almost anything. From off-duty days to smart-casual and everyday styling, logo garments quickly became the staple of the classic and simple everyday wear.

Pair your hoodies, tracksuits and T-shirts with a pair of your favourite jeans for the classic on-the-go look or wear your favourite heritage track pants and sneakers for those relaxed days off.

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Signature Track Pants and Jackets

Heritage sports brands are all about the comfort, especially when it comes to tracksuits. This year, good, old tearaway track pants are back and more popular than ever.

Known for featuring branded tapings, 90’s inspired track pants are also popular due to small snaps running down both legs.

Coming in oversized and relaxed fit, these track pants are perfect for your days off and weekend wear. Made from swishy nylons and comfy material blends, they provide all-day comfort and freedom of movement.

For the ultimate 90’s inspired look, pair them with a matching track top and some off-duty sneakers. Perfect for hot summer days, these track pants perfectly go with any top, crop top or simple tee.

Heritage track tops are the perfect addition to your everyday outfits as you can wear them with anything from shorts, jeans, dresses to matching track bottoms.

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Combat Street Style

Nothing feels more authentic than mixing your favourite streetwear pieces with some classic combat boots.

The popular military style is often seen in the streetwear culture mixing heritage sports brands with staple combat boots such as Dr Martens.

Mix and match your favourite streetwear pieces with cargo patterns and classic black stomp boots.

Pair your boots with some of the sports heritage staples for the ultimate street style vibe.

From skirts and dresses to track pants and jeans, combat boots will perfectly match any outfit that will never go unnoticed.

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