Holiday Gifting Guide | Find Your Perfect Gift

It’s time to sort out your gifting list, as the Holiday season is just around the corner!

Can you hear the bells? It’s that time of the year again - Christmas is just a few weeks away and it’s time to gift your loved ones (and yourself).

In a spirit of a true holiday season, we all tend to find original and unforgettable gifts for our friends and family.

Hoping that our gift will be unique, we tend to go above and beyond to find that perfect treat that will make those dear to our hearts happy.

However, finding the right gift isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, the lack of time, money or creativity might put you on the spot and make the gifting tradition more stressful than it actually is.

Well, we made sure that you have all your options covered in order to find that perfect gift.

Here at Glue Store, we bring you our official gifting cheat sheet that will help you find presents to dazzle your loved ones.

And whether you’ve been naughty or nice, don’t forget to treat yourself this holiday season as you definitely deserve it!

So read along to find original and authentic gifts for the whole family!


Glue Store Watches - Christmas Gifting

Nothing says perfect gift better than a nice, stylish watch.

Classic and timeless, a watch is a perfect gift for both men and women as it’s usually something that people won’t buy on their own.

Arriving in a range of different styles, watches are usually made in a one-size-fits-all design which will take away the stress of guessing the right size or style.

From classic analog to ‘90s inspired digital watches, here at Glue Store we made sure that we have something for everyone.

Whether you are looking a watch for yourself or for someone close to your heart.

Grab your favourite watch!

Shop G Shock GA400 Series, Adidas Originals District M1 Watch, Guess Hollywood Watch, Nixon 51 30 Chrono Watch and Timex Fairfield Supernova Watch.

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Glue Store Christmas Gifts - Fun and Games

The holiday season is the perfect time to bond and hang out with friends and family.

Threat your favourite gamer, a friend who’s workaholic or gather the whole crew and try out some of our popular games.

Perfect for holiday gatherings, party nights, weekends, birthdays and any other fun night at home, our range of games has something for everyone.

Host your own Bingoor bring a bit of fun and tease into the party with Dares and Jokes Dipsticksor Unicorn Ring Toss.

Gather your friends and play good old beer pong or a trivia Pub Quiz.

Fun and timeless, these games will keep you entertained all year around.

Let the game begin - Grab your gift!

Shop Wooden Tabletop Pong Game, Pub Quiz Trivia Pack of 100 Q+A, Pong Wars Beer vs Prosecco, Host Your Own Bingo Party and Dares & Jokes Dipsticks Party now online!

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Fun Gifts

Glue Store Fun Christmas Gifts

Gifts don’t always have to be meaningful or to even make sense.

Sometimes, we all need a bit of fun in our life.

Think fun, confetti, sparkle - unicorns? Everything’s possible.

Loose up and check our fun gift range, with unique and original gift ideas that cannot be found anywhere else.

From unicorn-inspired skates and Selfie prop kitto oversized glitter beach balland customisable pink neon sign - shop our range to express your originality and gift your friends and family something that they will never forget.

For those who are feeling run down or anxious, check out The Short Story’s range of Happy Pills which will provide you with enough motivational and inspiring quotes to recharge and rewind your mind and spirit.

Grab your gift!

Shop Make Your Own Neon Light Effect Sign, The Ultimate Selfie Prop Kit, Impala Quad Skates, 100 Super Pills Bottle and Oversized Glitter Beach Ball.

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Glue Store Gifts - Travel Accessories

There’s no better time to travel than during the holiday season.

This time of happiness and joy brings people together and gives us all a chance to escape work - even if it’s just for a few days.

What a better gift than a travelling gadget that will make your or someone’s trip more pleasant and enjoyable.

Grab a stylish canteen bottle that will keep your favourite drinks right next to you at all times.

Treat your partner or your close friends with a fun weekend getaway and help them pack with a practical bag for their favourite belongings.

Or, if you and your family enjoy camping or hiking, get a fun lunch boxand a water bottle so that you can enjoy more time at the beach or in the bush.

Grab your gift!

Shop Corkcicle 475ml Canteen, Treat Yo’Self Lunch Box, Tommy Jeans Logo Tape Duffle Bag, Available for Weekends Getaway Luggage Tag and Could Be Gin Water Bottle online now!

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Home & Office

Glue Store Christmas Gifts for Home and Office

Home and office gifts will never go out of fashion.

Everyone likes a nice candle, bowl or any other home decoration that not only goes well with their living space but also reminds them of a person who gifted it.

Grab a nice candlethat will make your home even cozier or check out some of our handy home gadgets, such as a magnetic bottle opener, perfect for beer lovers.

Choose a funny and unique mugor a reusable cup for those who spend most of their time working and remind them that work does not have to be boring.

Grab your gift!

Shop Life in a Bottle Happy Flower Seeds, Fab-Poo-Lous Glitter Mug, Magnetic Bottle Opener, Coconut Beeswax Candle and So Hot Right Now Reusable Travel Mug.

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Ladies Beauty

Womens Beauty Gifts from Glue Store

Ladies, do we even have to explain this one?

No woman will ever have enough beauty products.

The best thing about beauty gifts is that you simply cannot go wrong.

There is no size or fit that you have to worry about, which will make your Christmas shopping much easier.

Treat yourself or ladies around you with a cool beauty product or set that will allow them to relax, rewind and renew their skin.

Try our range of skin products and scrubs as well as body oils and glows that will give your skin that perfect summer shine or grab some unicorn bath bombs for the ultimate relaxation.

Grab your beauty favourites!

Shop Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask, Salt by Hendrix Lip Glow, Salt by Hendrix Golden Hour Body Glow, Blaq Body Scrub and Unicorn Bath Bombs.

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Men’s Grooming

When it comes to men’s beauty products, Burly Fellow has just what you need.

2018 is almost over and it’s time to show your favourite men that you actually appreciate his beard.

Coming in a wide range of different grooming products, the brand brings a variety of beard pomades, sprays and oils.

Packed in original wrap, the whole product range looks unique and stylish which makes this the perfect gifting option.

Complete your gift with men’s manicure and personal grooming set, which is perfect for travel, gym and weekend getaways.

Grab men’s grooming favourites!

Shop Burly Fellow Texture Volume Sea Salt Spray, Burly Fellow Beard Oil Bottle, Outliving Mens Manicure & Personal Grooming Set, Burly Fellow Firm Hold Matte Finish Paste and Burly Fellow Hip Flask Beard Oil.

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Her Accessories

Glue Store Christmas Gifting - Women's Accessories

Treat yourself or that special lady in your life with our range of women's accessories.

From sunnies and watches to underwear and jewellery, accessories have always been one of the most popular gifting solutions.

Browse our range of sunnies and find the perfect summer style and match it with a cool summer bag for the ultimate gift combo.

For more subtle and timeless gift, opt for a piece of jewellery and check our The Short Story range of earrings and necklaces that are made in the unique design and arrive in a gift-ready packaging.

Grab your favourites!

Shop Panty Postman Lace Thong Underwear, Quay Sahara Mini Aviator Sunglasses, The Short Story Fantasy Bubble Confetti Earrings, Nude Lucy Woven Tote and The Short Story Compass necklace.

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His Accessories

Glue Store Christmas Gifts - Men's Accessories

From wallets and socks to sunnies and backpacks, men’s accessories are the perfect solution for holiday gifting.

Not only that you don’t have to worry about finding the right size, but who wouldn’t like to receive an original and stylish gift that can be worn across a number of different occasions?

Gift your favourite Beatles fan this limited edition set of socks that are both stylish and comfy.

Grab a convenient backpack or crossbody bag for those who prefer outdoor activities or are always on the go.

And for those who enjoy beach and city walks, find a pair of good sunniesor a sports hat to complete their everyday look.

Grab your favourites!

Shop Happy Socks The Beatles Limited Edition Set, Adidas Originals Large Trefoil Logo Backpack, Lacoste Vertical Camera Bag, Nike Heritage 86 Futura Cap and Quay Sunglasses.

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Shop your Christmas gifts online and in store now!