Interval has made a name for itself as one of the most stylish and sought-after Aussie labels. We go behind the design with the head designer Kara Liu.

What is your role at Interval, and how did you come to work for the label? Head Designer. I won Glue’s 1% Fashion Design Competition when I just finished uni and designed a capsule collection for Glue Store. After gaining experiences in the Industry, I came back to the company and started Interval.

What drew you to fashion design, and how did you get your start in the industry? To me it is the aspect of real life application. I have always enjoyed creating things that has a purpose. I studied Bachelor of Design at RMIT and my first stint in the industry was an internship at Alexander Wang in NYC.

What do you enjoy most about designing for Interval? It’s the moment when each collection coming together at the photo shoot. Seeing my vision coming to life is a very rewarding feeling

How does your personal style come through in the Interval aesthetic? I’m a pretty relaxed, understated dresser, and I tend to design Interval to be ‘easy-to-wear’, in a sense that they are unique pieces, yet you don’t have to think too hard about how to wear it. Some of my favourite elements are textural knits, beautiful exaggerated coats, wide-legged pants, oversized shirts, minimal looking pieces with an interesting detail… which all filter through to Interval collections.

Interval pieces have a sophisticated and timeless appeal, yet the brand has held its ground – and been immensely popular – in a market driven by fast fashion and fast-changing trends. What do you put this down to? Interval’s DNA is entrenched in that relaxed, understate yet still very refined lifestyle. It’s special things that you can wear in everyday life, not just special occasions. And it is about the wearer whom the clothes compliment, not about the clothes she’s wearing. I think people resonates with that.

How would you describe the latest Interval collection to somebody who hasn’t seen it yet? In two words: textural juxtaposition. Lots of beautiful textural knits and chunky coats paired with sleek satins and fluid velvets. The colour palette is rich yet fresh. A clean base of cream and ink is highlighted with a touch of a golden, oaky orange. Winter is always my favourite season to design as there is so many tactile fabrics to work with.

What was the inspiration behind the current season of Interval? Was there one spark that ignited inspiration for the whole range, or did you find inspiration in multiple places? This collection is concepted around the idea of a ‘weekend artist’ - the idea of spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon painting in the studio. The space light-filled, the floor paint stained… My process of finding inspiration is always an ongoing process, as I become inspired from any and every element in day-to-day life… A walk in an unfamiliar city, a beautiful object I come across, mood I was in on a particular day… These loose ideas are then consolidated to create the starting point of a collection.

Does the current range remain true to the original concept for the Interval label, or has the brand diverged and evolved as each season was developed? The current collection is definitely one that is the most true to brand. I think we started brand with an idea of what Interval should be, and that idea is clarifying and becoming more focused with every season.

What are your personal favourite pieces from the current Interval range (and why)? The Kian Coat. It’s thick and textured, oversized and cocooned. It’s one of those pieces that just makes you feel good in winter. Also the Lindberg Top and Pant set, the ribbed top and pant are so comfortable to wear. Not to mention you can go from lounge-to-dinner without and outfit change.

What pieces do you think people will love the most (and why)? I think people will love the outerwear and knit options because they are statement pieces due to the interest textures, but are so easy to wear and will style back well with basics that most girls already own: denims, leather jackets, etc

What do you think sets Interval apart from other brands? The fashion landscape is very trend focused nowadays with the influence of fast fashion brands and social media. Whereas the ethos of Interval is the opposite - it is about taking a break, finding that moment in between and enjoying your own interlude. I think people can relate to that.

What can we look forward to in future Interval collections? The summer collections will feature lots of interesting details and a bright palette. But I won’t give away too much right now!

You can shop Interval online and in selected stores now.