We sit down with the designers Louise & Laura, behind Glue’s newest footwear brand Mr & Mare!

In three words, how would you describe Mr & Mare shoes?

On-Trend, Youth-Driven, Need-It-Now (we couldn’t narrow it down to 3 so we hyphenated!)

What is your favourite part about being a designer for Mr & Mare?

Seeing how our customers respond to the ranges is such an inspiration! We’re now more connected to customers and ourselves through social media, which in turn makes us more confident about our creative ability. The constant evolution and growth of the brand in the marketplace is such an incredibly journey to be part of!

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing your collections?

We both have super high energy levels and get excited over the smallest thing. The smallest idea always grows to be something big! Socially we are both really busy, so we draw inspiration from our friends, festivals, people watching and parties. Travel is a big part of our inspiration in the sense it challenges you to think outside the box and produce something new! What is your favourite trend of this season?

Block heels! You can wear them all day and then dance all night! “THE BOMB“ and “HOOK UP” from Mr & Mare are our faves from the Summer collection.

What is your signature style?

We are always tanned, smiling and laughing! Lol!

Who is your style idol?

We are both currently obsessing over Mimi Elashiry! What. A. Babe. Favourite spare time activity?

We both have the travel bug and are always looking for our next adventure!

Currently listening to?

Summer by Calvin Harris, its been on repeat in anticipation for summer! Blogs or magazines you read?

Instagram is such an amazing platform in the sense it offers all types of information in one spot! its like a constant flow of fashion, shoes, friends and FOOD! We always spend hours scrolling through our Bloglovin feed first thing in the morning!

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