K-Way + The Weather-Resistant Jacket You Need

K-WAY arrives to Glue Store, direct from Paris.

Winter is here with all that rainy and windy weather. And while everything around you might look gloomy and wet, your outfit can still steal the show.

Straight from Glue Store shelves, the new K-WAY jacket range is here to keep your ‘fit fresh and dry.

Known for their durability and practicality, K-WAY jackets are a true must-have in everyone’s winter wardrobe.

This iconic windproof and waterproof jacket will be your go-to festival, party ready or throw over lightweight jacket all year around.

K-WAY Weather-Resistant Jackets | Glue Store

They are available in eight colours at Glue Store from white, navy, black, beige and for the more adventurous vibrant orange, fuchsia, burgundy and green.

A foldable jacket for unpredictable weather will transform into a compact hip bag or pouch for easy portability and storage when you're on the go.

K-WAY developed the Le Vrai 3.0 pull-over with a back flap that conceals an air vent to let you breathe.

A staple that will never go out of style, K-WAY has made jackets that are practical yet fashionable.


K-WAY Weather-Resistant Jackets | Glue Store

Back in 1965, Léon-Claude Duhamel established K-WAY - a French brand that will soon change the world with its revolutionary windproof and waterproof Nylon jackets.

The idea was to develop a functional jacket from weather-resistant ripstop nylon fabric. Soon after, K-WAY jackets were born, made out of weather-resistant ripstop nylon fabric, packable in its own pocket.

During the ‘70s, K-WAY became a sponsor of many alpine skiing teams and due to its global popularity, got its way to the French and Italian dictionary.

The ‘90s were a tough period for the weather-resistant jacket manufacturer as the brand faced some difficulties when their factory burnt down, destroying all products, archives and history.

However soon after, K-WAY got back on its feet and was acquired by the Milanese Multimoda Network.

The first flagship was open in Turin, Italy in 2010, followed by stores in New York, Moscow, Paris, Rome and London.


K-WAY Weather-Resistant Jackets | Glue Store

Known as the ultimate weather-resistant apparel, K-WAY jacket have been keeping many generations dry and warm.

The secret is in the weather-resistant fabric, constructed from 2.5 layer taffeta nylon with a hydrophilic coating and silver print for a wind and water resistant finish.

This water-repellent composition features heat-taped seams while windproof wear is secured with elastic cuffs and bottom with an elastic edge.

Jack Plus Dot Packable Waterproof Rain jacket is one of the most popular K-WAY designs. Known for its lightweight structure and holes under arms featured for an additional dose of breathability, it will keep you cozy and comfy both on rainy city days and weekend hikes.

Practical and durable, Le Vrai Leon 3.0 Packable Waterproof Half-Zip Windbreakeris the perfect solution for your workouts both in and out of the gym as the sleek design and breathable texture allow you to stay fresh and dry during any weather.

K-WAY Weather-Resistant Jackets | Glue Store

Timeless and classic, K-WAY jackets have built their way to the top through durable materials and sleek designs.

Go back to basics with this old-school rain shell, as it will become your best friend during rainy and windy days.

Check out K-WAY online or in-store at Central Park or Emporium.