Kappa x Peking Duk Interview: Our Gift To You!

What can we say about a collab as special as this one!? We are so excited to share with you Peking Duk x Kappa.

A little bit about the brands:

Kappa has a proud history steeped in footballing tradition.

The industry leading sports apparel brand was founded in Italy in 1967 with the famous Omini logo symbolizing “equality and mutual support” . The iconic Italian brand has a long standing history featuring on the playing strips of sporting giants and countless sports stars.

Kappa is a respected label on the streets, with the Banda 222 tracksuit a cult icon across the world. First released in the 70’s, the historic collection features the brand logo with Kappa’s signature Omini logo repeated along the sleeves. The brand’s vintage-inspired jackets and t-shirts are much sought after amongst style leaders, fashionistas and musicians.

This season Kappa and Glue are excited to have joined forces with electronic music sensations Peking Duk to release a limited number of Peking Duk Kappa Band Track Jackets and Tee’s. The collaboration features both the Peking Duk and Iconic Kappa Omini logo’s replicated down the sleeves, a subtle nod to integration of the two brands and the equality values of the Omini logo. These limited edition Unisex styles are available in select glue stores and online

Our very own Carlo Hilton sat down with Adam and Rueben to discuss fashion, the past, present & future.


C: So tell us how did this collab with Kappa come about? A: It’s actually a funny story we were invited to the APRA awards probably six months ago now and I didn’t have a suit to wear at the time but I had a Kappa tracksuit that I picked up at a second hand store in Melbourne. I even got it tailored by a lovely Turkish man that lives downstairs from my apartment. It fit snug and I wore it and everybody LOVED it. It was so strange because the next day I woke up and in my head I was like wouldn’t it be crazy if we got sponsored by Kappa and could just always rep their stuff. Then I leaned over and checked my phone on my bedside table and I had a message from our managers and he said “DUDE Kappa reached out they want to have a meeting!” and they are keen to have a chat about a potential collaboration and I was like WHAT THE HELL because it had all happened in my mind while I was having a nap. It’s an honour to be able to work with such a cool brand as Kappa

R: I’m really stoked he wore a Kappa tracksuit to the APRA awards! It’s the best!

C: Well that’s how to get what a collab you like right? Just repping the brands you love? A: THAT’S RIGHT!

C: On that idea do you guys have a style you dress in? Or do you just wake up and chuck on what’s clean? A: Lately I’ve been really into the tucked in white wifebeater with huge Dr Martens that I picked up in Brooklyn a few days ago!

C: They’ve got a lot of extra height on them! A: They do they make me feel like a big man R: It’s funny because it was Halloween at the time and so everyone on the street was like 6 years old and so he looked REALLY REALLY big. A: Style wise I go through phases quite a bit where I wear some whacky pattern long sleeve shirts undone. But I don’t know at the end of the day it’s all whatever I have no set aesthetic. R: ANYTHING GOES: What keeps you cool in the sun and warm in the …. I don’t know how about cashmere. You can wear it in the desert when it’s hot and you can wear it in the snow and you can EVEN wear it in mid temperatures. You can wear it to the beach and you can wear it when you preach.

C: Is there anyone out there that you look up to as a style icon? A: I go through phases with that too. I used to think that Travis Scott’s style was really cool but I realized more and more that is really Hypebeast and I just wasn’t cool enough to keep up. Kanye West has cool style but I guess he is a trend setter. Corey Duffel the pro skater had a sick style but I just couldn’t pull it off so I just sit and admire how they dressed. R: Generally I just like wearing a singlet, shorts and thongs so generally Adam is always telling me to not just wear that A: You could say I’m Rueben’s stylist R: I just look up to Bogans and it gets me wearing what I’m comfortable in.

C: So you guys are originally from Canberra would you still call yourselves locals or have you moved on? A: you can still catch us down at Dickson Noodle House doing some push ups out the front R: Or maybe down at floriade catch us having a perv on some flowers, National Museum of Australia A: Questacon! Canberra is dope it’s on the up there is an area called Braddon that is next to Civic which is really coming up. There’s small bars and restaurants and the vibe is sick. Everytime I go there to catch up with my mum there’s always a different restaurant to check out R: There’s lots of food trucks and there’s also Westside Acton Park to check out too and that’s literally foodtrucks and beers on the water! A: Canberra is definitely somewhere to miss we have so many friends there R: I just miss the Library I just read the Hungry Caterpillar A: We don’t get to go home anywhere near as much as I wish we could. It’s close but not close enough to just pop in. R: Yo uwouldn’t go there just to get Brod burger and then leave… Actually I would A: YOU NEED TO HAVE BROD BURGER R: It’s probably my favourite burger in the world A: It’s on trend! R: No they are before trend!

C: You guys just dropped a new single stranger is there anything else on the cards? What can we expect? A: We have been over in Europe writing a lot of music for the last six months we’ve done two sessions over there. Back to back recording a song a day which is awesome R: Writing and writing and writing. We have 5 albums worth of songs so it’s definitely time just pick some and put them out! A: We just love writing music!


C: Where in Europe were you guys writing at? Did you draw inspiration from your surroundings? A: We got to do some cool shit man in London we wrote on Pete Townsend boat! It’s parked next to the Queens! Stockholm is such a beautiful, sexy and clean city. Everyone was so friendly and that within itself was enough to write an album!

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This season Kappa and Glue are excited to have joined forces with electronic music sensations Peking Duk to release a limited number of Peking Duk Kappa Band Track Jackets and Tee’s. The colloboration features both the Peking Dukand Iconic Kappa Omini logo’s replicated down the sleeves, a subtle nod to integration of the two brands and the equality values of the Omini logo. These limitied edition Unisex styles are availabile in select glue stores and online

C: You guys do a lot of musical collabs can we expect that to continue on the next record? R: We are VERY collaborative! There’s a different singer for every song that we do. We are pretty much ONLY collaborating A: There may be a few ditties from Rueben and I on there. R: But we’ve been flexing our collab skills we’ve even been flexing our trombone skills and I’ve even learnt to play the fife. A: We’ve been lucky enough to meet some really awesome people and then build relationships with them aside from music which is a blessing within itself. In Sweden some of the people we’ve met are just crazy freaks at writing, making beats and singing. It’s definitely changed our views on how we write. R: We’ve even jumped into the studio with other producers to collaborate as well to learn new tricks of the trade. In Sweden in general there’s just ahuge understanding of good music! The Swedish pop isn’t corny at all. A: The Swedes don’t tolerate corny shit at all! R: We have done a lot of collabs in America where we have just been hooked up with random people to work with and you can just tell that it’s pretty much speed dating. They just come in and quickly write. A: There’s nothing wrong with that for what it is R: But they are writing for people that don’t know or care about and they are just hoping for that number one hit. A: Shout out to them doing what they want though! R: that’s why Sweden and London have been so good to us


C: So you guys for Australian summer the schedule is starting to fill up what do you have on the horizon? A: Southbound Festival with heaps of legends and FOMO Festival! Then we are going to America next year for a big tour with a pink haired gentleman named Jackal! R: He’s a straight up G! A: And then after that we will be riding our razor scooters around Surry Hills and hanging out at Gordans Bay! R: All whilst wearing my new Kappa jacket they are silky and light for all occasions


C: You guys had a fan edit your Wiki page in order to enter a show have you got any new fan stories? A: Ahhh yes Spargo the dirty dog! That story was HILARIOUS it blew up and even Time magazine wrote about it and showing off how wiki can be edited R: It was huge how that blew up I remember in France the news outlets were spouting about it A: It was amazing for us! It was so funny though Rueben was like look at our Wikipedia page and it was just F****D! But Shout out to Spargo who just walked up to the security guard R: He told us he had a Wikipedia account and was just leaving a party and he just changed it walked up to the security and next thing we know we were having beers with him. A: He still hits us up on Twitter and says “G’day boys it’s your old mate Spargo” and we always say G’day Spargo you dirty dog always on our door list now. He reminds me of Spyro the dragon!

C: If you guys weren’t in Peking Duk what would you be doing? A: Sitting right here chilling out R: designing dog kennels A: I’d be watching him designing dog kennels R: Everyone wants their dog to sleep inside but I’m worried about urine problems A: I’d probably just be working in the same café R: Actually we would start our own café

C: Would the café be called Peking Duk? A: NO Peking Duk is a shit name that we are stuck with! It’d be called CHERRY BLOSSOM R: I’d call it the Knife and Shank where you can get a beer with your coffee and only old geezers work there that look a bit rough around the edges. That’s the next stage of Hipsterism.

C: Do you guys have any advice for someone wanting to enter electronic music? A: JUST DO YOU R: Write heaps of songs A: Don’t copy anyone or trends when it comes to Electronic music there are so many trends! There was Dubstep, Trance and deep house and those things are hot but it’s not always the best direction. Just do what you wanna do! As soon as you do what is true to yourself it resonates through your music R: Or be Calvin Harris A: Calvin Harris has done some cool shit! R: Calvin a straight up G!

C: What are your plans for the rest of the evening? A: You’re all coming over and we’re going to play Mario Kart 64!

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