Le Coq Sportif | Behind The Design

You’re probably already familiar with French Heritage brand Le Coq Sportif. But did you know that their sleek, sports-inspired apparel is designed right here in Australia, directly for the Australian market? Let us introduce you to the creative brains behind the operation: Le Coq Sportif Head Designer, Emma Boseley.

Who in your mind is the Le Coq Sportif customer? They’re a conscious consumer of all things sport heritage. They absorb athleisure and integrate the latest trends into their every day life. They live and breathe the sneaker wave that’s currently taking the market by storm.

What inspired your designs for the current range? Given the heritage behind the brand – we took a step back into our rich archives. Taking inspiration from on trend 90s sportswear was also a great starting place for Le Coq Sportif. My favourite instagram account - @veryadvnced provided all the vibes for this range.

If you could dress any one person in your current range, who would it be? I’d look no further than our current campaign stars – @princesanity1 and @selfiegod

What are your favourite instagram accounts to follow for inspiration? @highsnobriety, @hypebeast, @hypestyle, @veryadvnced, @lecoqsportif. I also love to get off the screen and seek inspiration in real life from my local vintage stores – trawling for pre loved Le Coq Sportif we can bring into the current range.

You can shop Le Coq Sportif online and in stores now.