Long Days = Summer Shorts

We can hear the sighs of relief as you chuck those long pants into the back of your wardrobe – yep; it’s summertime, and that means ‘legs out’, guys!

To help you beat the heat, we’ve come up with an exclusive shorts guide to help ease the transition from winter skinnies to summer jimmies.

So say it with us and get ready to become the King of Summer, Glue Store has you covered with shorts for every activity. Who loves short shorts? WE LOVE SHORT SHORTS!


What we love most about board shorts is the opportunity to show off our fun side. There is nothing better than being gathered around the pool for the work Christmas party when suddenly Mark from Accounting is busting out the flamingo printed board shorts, and dive bombing onto the inflatables. These are the moments Australian summers are made of.

Barney Cools has tapped the market on this very idea, producing fun; often loud all over prints on quality cut board shorts. Their standard cut length is a cool 17”, meaning shorts that aren’t too long or too short, which is exactly what you need when moving between the festival circuit to the beach. Versatile shorts are the epitome of sensible wear; you’ll get more bang for your buck and double your wardrobe in one easy move.

Barney Cools motto is “some people like to live a little, we like to live a LOT!”, and we couldn’t agree more. Dive head first into Summer with their awesome range of boardies for rad folks like yourself.

We couldn’t end our board shorts section without giving our good friends The Critical Slide Society a mention. This Aussie crew is the very last world in surf wear, and all their board short designs have that vintage look and feel about them that makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii in the ‘60s.

Look for boardies with a sturdy draw-cord so you won’t have to worry about losing your duds in the soup. Chlorine resistant fabrics like specialised polyester will give your shorts a longer shelf life so you can enjoy them for years to come. We recommend keeping within the 16”-17”length range for mobility and ease whilst you swim, and don’t forget to give your shorts a good rinse once you’ve been for a dip; trust us, future you will thank you for it.


Denim shorts are the little brother of full-length jeans; more fun, easier to wear and definitely cooler.

We don’t have to tell you twice that Lee knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to denim. Established in 1889, 120 years of honing their craft means your denim shorts are built to not only look good, but are made to last. That’s quality you can set your watch to.

Lee’s range is so expansive you’ll be hard pressed to find a fit and style that doesn’t suit you to a T. Low rise or drop crotch construction is fantastic for summer as it allows air to circulate throughout the garment and cool you down.

Always look for denim that is made from majority cotton, natural fabrics breathe better and wick moisture. Save the fancy polyester finishes for the cooler months, you can look just as good with the mercury soaring and still stay comfortable.

Wrangler also has a long history of durability. Originally designed for rodeo cowboys, and now officially endorsed by the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association Of America, their denim moves with you and is ready to handle anything you throw at it.

What sets Wrangler apart is the richness of their denim washes, with eye-catching blues melting into soft whites and ombres. If colour is your jam, look no further than Wranglers gorgeous hues, available in both dark and light.


Are you more the adventure sort of lad? Then you’ll be no stranger to cargo shorts and all the wonderful possibilities their design can possess. Originally worn in 1938 and reaching peak popularity in the mid ‘90s, cargo pants and shorts have come even further in regards to functionality and practicality.

Henleys have a fantastic range of cargo shorts which will easily carry you through day adventures during Summer. Keep an eye out for side pockets on the legs which have an extra zipper fastening pockets, you can keep smaller sized valuables in them without fear of them falling out.

As good for days hiking as they are for casual weekend wear, cargo shorts have come a long way from camo prints and baggy fits. Say hello to a streamlined cut with folded side pockets which expand depending on what you put in them, and a full colour palette including blacks, navys, and neutrals.


Possibly the most important choice you’ll be making this season is in regards to your workout wear. You’ll be needing a garment with sweat resistant capabilities, which fits with no fuss, and works with your body so you can perform at your peak.

As athletic wear has grown in popularity, it has taken on the dual role of being worn for both workout and casual wear. A big contender on its own, Nike stepped up to the plate to be able to cater for both needs, combining the functionality aspect with a style component.

Many of their pieces have a high cotton with a low blend polyester handle in a jersey finish, which allows air to circulate, but looks higher end that the old track materials of previous eras. This kind of technology means fewer sweat patches and ensure you’re kept comfortable all day.

Another important component in choosing your athletic shorts comes down to branding. It has become very on trend for logos to be large, and brand fonts recognisable on each piece. Le Coq Sportif is a master of this, using both their name and iconic rooster logo within their designs. It is not unusual to see either or both emblazoned down the sides of shorts, or along the hem line. Le Coq also take a dual approach in regards to athletic shorts, but in more wet/dry terms. The use of nylon fabric means that their shorts are virtually weightless, and eliminates the need for ironing as they do not wrinkle.

And that’s about the long and short of it!

Words: Paige Maris