Glue Store teamed up with our favourite it girl and style muse Mimi Elashiry for the latest Glue Store Spring 14 Campaign. This social media supernova has over 350,000 people following her life movements and fashion choices on a daily basis which is constantly growing each day thanks to her quirky personal style and down-to-earth nature.

These days Mimi is a multi-tasking wonder working as a model, blogger and dancer whilst also being an avid traveller, thanks to her life on the road as a model and strong love for the ocean and chasing the sun. Mimi often refers to her unique sense of style as being quite relaxed and heavily influenced by her coastal life with floral prints, crochet, lace and denim shorts being a few of her favourites for Spring ‘14.


We had a chat with her and found out more about her personal style and what she's excited about this Summer!

1. Describe your style and where you get your inspiration from.

I am on the road a lot as my family lives on the Gold Coast and my boyfriend lives in noosa; so I run off with any excuse I have to escape up the coast! I am inspired by how the landscapes make me feel, and my interactions with them. I love road trips. Summer. The coast. I have adopted a style that is a representation of my connection to nature. I want to feel comfortable, like an adventurer. I wear anything, from flowy comfortable styles to western/vintage influence. That’s what appeals to me about Glue Store, there are so many different looks and styles available to choose from!

2. What has been the most exciting thing about shooting this campaign?

Meeting new people - it has been such a great experience working with all new faces! Sharing stories and giggles and more

3. What’s on your Glue Store lust list?

There are some pretty amazing kimonos in store! And gotta love any big chunky knit - can't have enough of those! I also recently got myself a new pair of Doc Martens from Glue Store and wore them to Splendour:)

4. Your go-to outfit consists of....

An American vintage sheer long sleeve top, which I bought in a M so it's oversized- because it reminds me of Ballet warm up clothes - I was a ballerina and did contemporary for 13 years, so I feel super attached to this slouchy, off the shoulder top... it’s so comfortable! Then I wear this with a maxi skirt, with a split or a shorter flowy one.... I wear my crystals everywhere. I have developed such a strong connection with them. My good friend Alicia the founder of Aletheia and Phos cleanses all my crystals before I wear them. I love feeling their energy so close to my heart (I wore them in the Glue Store Spring campaign to give off good energy :) Then some pointy boots with jingles on them.... And a Fallen Broken street hat....and 5+ rings on each hand -about 11 rings all up! (P.s I'm wearing this right now!)

5. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Is that a trick question? Everything! The weather, the smiles, the swims, the parties, the surfing and of course, the clothes! ... The list goes on!

Head instore or online now to check out the Campaign.