Sam Moore of Dead Studios | INTERVIEW

We caught up with Director / Designer for Dead Studios Sam Moore!

Sam tells us a about his brand and what we can expect moving into the future check it out below!


Tell us a little bit about Dead Studios:

Dead Studios is for those living by an aesthetic paradigm, ever changing and always emerging, challenging the world of normalcy and embracing lines of flight.

Can you tell us the back story how did Dead Studios come about?

Dead Studios came about on my travels to Japan in 2014.

Dead Studios is about simplicity, function and vibrancy. Dead Studios has three parts to the brand; fit, feel and purpose.The fit is the denim program the brand has developed. Each fit is a different series and each series has its own take on contemporary shapes.The feel is Dead Studios personal touch. Each garment comes with certain details that establish a specific fit, from clean prints with modern silhouettes, vintage washes and hand distressing techniques. Each item is designed to a specific feeling. The purpose of the brand is in the way the designs are decided.Dead Studios defies conventional thinking, challenging our surroundings and personal style, always striving for strong design and decisive details.

How did the name come about? How did you settle upon Dead?

The name is intriguing as it evokes a certain archetype, a melancholic feeling giving ironic life the brand’s true sense of purpose.

Can you tell us about Dead Studios' new collection? Where did you draw inspirations?

Dead Studios High Sumer collection has drawn inspiration from the "New 90's" distressed denims, over sized silhouettes with hand distressed holes in tees and muscle. 90's stripe tees with minimal embroidery details.

What are the must have’s of the new lines?

Our new 001 Destroy Biker jean, and 003 Kurt jean, these are from our new denim programme the fits are perfect, the hand distressed details on each jean are what we really pride ourself on, its all about the small details.

How long have you been designing for Dead?

For 3 years to date, and haven't looked back!

What is your favourite thing about designing and working in street fashion?

I love that the older I get, the demographic I'm designing for never changes, this is the challenge to keep the mind young and know what the #deadgeneration want!

Street wear is huge now! From celebrities to fashion conscious males everyone is down how do you guys see the market evolving?

We have had some huge celebrities from the instagram generation like Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie wearing our product. We aim to grow our community not by sponsored posts but by telling a clear brand story, consistency is always been the key to our brand. We are not trying to be anyone else, and people buy into us because we are authentic and we have a personality. This is the true challenge for brands.

And what will you guys do to keep being so forward?

We travel a lot, we design 4 seasons every year, over 300+ products so keep the creativity alive we travel prior to every season. You can learn a lot from other markets, and new cultures. As cliche as its sounds, you can get inspiration from everywhere.

Do you have style icons that you looked to when designing?

No we don't really design around icons or influencers, but more design around predicting and setting trends. What do the youth of next year want to wear...?


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