We grabbed Tessa Barton and Jourdan Sloane between shots at our NYC shoot to ask some important denim questions.

What jeans are you wearing right now? Tessa: Fringed bottom high-waisted black denim.

How many pairs of jeans do you own? Jourdan: Do I count jean shorts? Maybe 20!

What's your favourite denim fit? T: High-waisted vintage

What do you look for when shopping for denim? J: I'm automatically drawn to sections of stores full of denim. I love light washes right now.

Do you dare to do double denim? T: If you mean denim on top, and denim on bottom - AKA the Canadian Tuxedo - absolutely. It's my go-to look, especially when I am in a rush and have nothing else to wear.

Do you have some personal denim styling tips to share? J: Denim and denim always makes you look stylish!

Do you ever alter your jeans yourself? A little extra distressing or hemming? T: Definitely! Not so much on the hemming, as I can never find a pair actually long enough - but I like to keep jeans for a long time, and use them as shorts later. Or when trends pass, such as patching and distressing, it's easy to dig up the old and pair get crafty.

How do you care for your denim? J: I lightly soak them, and then lay them out to dry. Some denim fades and ruins if you overdo the washing.

What style would you wear to a... Festival? J: Denim cut-offs, with an oversized tee tied-up or partly tucked-in. T: Jean shorts! Brunch? J: Fringed hem jeans with a cool sweater. T: Mom jeans!

We've taken our favourite denim looks from Tessa and Jourdan's instagrams below!