We sat down with Genevieve from Midnight Swim to talk about the past, present and future of one of our favourite swimwear brands on earth.

Tell us a little bit about Midnight Swim?

We are a sexy swim brand that mixes boho elements like crochet and macrame with sporty elements to create a cool looking bikini. Epic bikini’s that are a bit different, cuts that look hot but are still affordable.

Can you tell us the back story? how did Midnight Swim come about?

Living in Bali, bikinis are worn all year around so it made perfect sense to launch the brand. Hot balmy nights are every night in Bali, perfect for a Midnight Swim.

Midnight_BHM_ 570

Kristina Mendonca in the Maui Stripe Bikini Available Now

How did the name come about? We love the tag “#meetmeatmidnight”

I wanted the brand to embody that whole holiday vibe, sexy, hot balmy party nights in tropical locations, that all end with a Midnight Swim. The tag #meetmeatmidnight evokes just that

Can you tell us about Midnight Swim’s new collection? Where did you draw inspirations?

We did a crochet capsule this year to really kick off that island vibe and the colours were born of tropical colours like pineapples, oranges, cocktail colours like grenadine, sea blues and wine then the basics that everyone loves in their wardrobe like black, khaki and navy. Inspo was drawn from the local bali scenery. The sport range was added as most of our customers that love a bikini also like working out to get that bikini bod, so we added a luxe sport edge.

Midnight_BHM_ 672

Kristina Mendonca in the Capri One Shoulder Bikini Available now

What are the must haves of the new lines?

The St Barth’s crochet bikini, the RIO bikini without a doubt. And every girl needs a basic Gili wine bikini in their life.

How long have you been designing for Midnight Swim?

It's already been three wonderful years.

What is your favourite thing about designing and working in swimwear?

I never have to buy any swimmers!

Kristina Mendonca in the Maui Stripe Bikini Available Now

What is next for Midnight swim?

Designing the new collection as we speak. More epic macramé and crochet in a new colour palette and potentially a summer party!

Thank you Genevieve for some insight into Midnight Swim!

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