Even if you don’t know her by name, Monika Clarke has a face you won’t soon forget.

And if it looks familiar, it might because she’s been an in-demand model since she was a teenager, gracing everything from magazine covers to television as one of the gorgeous Dealette’s on TV's Deal or No Deal.

We stole a few minutes of her time to get to know her better!

Monika, how did you start modelling, and when did you start? I signed with my first agency at 15 years old in the countryside of Victoria. I was scouted from photos.

You’ve been modelling for a while, but if you had to choose just one, what would be the best place you’ve ever travelled for work? It was the Maldives; working at one of best resorts there. Experiencing everything the Maldives has to offer, while receiving free jet skiing, cheese platters, wine, massages, yoga, snorkelling and breathtaking sunsets. And I was paid to experience all these things for free, whilst being photographed while doing all of those things!

Sounds amazing! What about the most unique job you’ve ever had? The time we shot at Werribee Open Range Zoo patting animals!

Sounds like you must really enjoy your work! How do you like to spend your down time? I’m always working out, or just going and chilling at a café. Just shutting off and relaxing is nice.

Speaking for working out, you’re in amazing shape. How do you stay so fit? Well, I work out with my trainer three times a week at the 98 Riley St Gym in Darlinghurst. I also squeeze a one hour walk most days. Also try to do Pilates and hot yoga every so often.

Just a glance at your Instagram makes it clear your style is always on point. What are you Top 3 wardrobe staples? A good pair of white sneakers, a good pair of jeans and round-framed sunnies.

We’re going in to spring right now, which means it’s time to update our wardrobes! What’s your must-have Spring style piece? I was dying to have a pair of Common Project white sneakers, and I got them for my birthday that just passed!

And how would you describe your signature style? I wear a lot of black, and try to keep it very chic. I like simplistic, structured clothing. No print; neutral colours. I LOVE wearing guys t-shirts.

Who is your style icon? I always love what Rosie Huntington wears, and Kendell Jenner has great style.

What has been your most extravagant fashion purchase? Oh, easily my Channel boy bag!

Ok, ending with some real talk. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Never ever compare yourself to anyone else, especially in this industry. Everyone is different and everyone’s body is different and their market in this industry is different. Run with what you have got and be confident. Develop your own personality.

You can catch Monika in our new womenswear section right now.