Imagine a place where you lose track of time; where palm trees grow tall, and the weather is fine.

Barney Cools is all about quality over quantity, but when their designers dealt a straight flush Barney Cools didn't count their chips - they went all in.

The Motel Cools collection maintains B.C.'s robust quality, whilst broadening the range beyond expectation.

B. Cools T-Shirt in White

Lobsters, pineapples and outlandish prints yell "Let's party", while subtle yet luxury basics whisper sweet nothings in your ear. It's a Barney Cools buffet, like a session at sizzler without the stomachache.

Choppy Surf and Sunset

Motel Cools will be B.Known and B.Loved. The market is bland, so Barney Cools is spicing things up - the chipotle to your taco, the champagne to your OJ.

Don't be shy, forget moderation - because flavour is in, and being safe is a has-been.

Barney Cools Pineapple Shirt

The ever-popular B.Schooled t-shirt makes a come-back in the Motel Cools collection, with three new configurations hitting shelves. Also returning in a range of new prints are the Amphibious shorts. Just like an amphibian, these shorts are just as comfortable on land as they are in water. The Amphibious shorts will get you from the surf to the pub.

Crashing Waves At The Beach

Some people choose to live a little; Barney Cools choose to live A LOT.

Book your room and pack your bags, Motel Cools is about to make a splash. Catch you poolside!

Barney Cools Long Sleeve Tee

Check out the gallery below to get some Motel style inspiration with our favourite outfits from the new collection.

The Motel Cools collection from Barney Cools will be dropping in store and online over the coming weeks.

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