New Year, New You | 3 Resolutions You Can Keep

2017 is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start working on your resolutions.

We know what you’re thinking: “New Years resolutions are made to be broken!” We say no way! Revving up your style in 2017 not only prepares you for the year ahead, but ensures you’re looking fine all the way through party season.


Easy goals build confidence, so to help you out we’ve come up with a very obtainable (and very fashionable) list to get you inspired. We’ve also thrown in a handy style guide so you can get moving quicker than we can say “Bye 2016!”

Resolution 1: Be More Social


It’s the perfect time to get off Facebook and get into more faces, being social opens you to new experiences and gaining potential new friends.

This year, resolve to be more social. Hanging at the park, cruising around markets or simply popping in for a quick coffee with a mate are all fantastic excuses to catch up. Remember all those times you said you’d definitely organise a meetup with an old friend soon? Well, how soon is now!



Keep it casual and low key so you’re ready for any situation that might pop up. We’re loving this seasons range of summer denim shorts and skirts which are so easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Bodysuits are also back in a big way, and this 90’s revival is one we’ve missed. Pairing them under overalls, skirts, shorts, or even with leggings guarantees a perfect foundation for a variety of ensembles.

It’s all about brands this year, and we like them big. Think muscle tees with prominent logos on the front, loose pants with branding down the sides, and lots of logos.

Team your casual catch up look with sneakers, thongs or slides to keep you cool and fresh as the weather heats up.


Bust out those shorts, gents; you’re gonna need them! Knee length shorts are the ultimate base piece for this season’s look, and with a range of colours, patterns, and materials to cover all occasions, you’ve got no excuse to not get out there and be seen.

T-Shirts and muscle tees with branding and one colourway ensure your look is not too busy and pair great if you’re board shorting or denim shorting.

Streetwearis key, so keep the look branded and clean. You won’t go wrong pairing your looking with sneakers or thongs, just in case your quick pop in drink with a mate turns into a game of backyard cricket.

For more tips, check out our Summer Shorts blog.

Resolution 2: Smarten Up Your Style


Dinner occasions, family get togethers and events that call for a little more dressing-up are going to pop up more often around this time of year, which gives us all the perfect excuse to reconsider our smart fashion options and choose outfits more in line with our ever evolving selves and styles. Resolve to smarten up, look sharp, and impress with our chic aesthetic.



This season’s palettes are soft colour-blocked pastels, and contrasted with angular monochrome pieces. Think off-the-shoulder dresses, gorgeously constructed chiffon playsuits, satin flowing fabrics that drape like liquid, and structured or fitted pieces with unique features that become a talking piece.

Maurie & Eve pieces fit occasion dressing to a T. Their designs add new life to traditional pieces, with gorgeously placed draped features, low slung off-shoulder sleeves, and well placed layering. Each piece can be paired with elements that dress it up suitably, such as jewelled necklaces and high heels.

Interval is the home of unfussy luxury, and boasts stunning soft pastel chiffons, with almost retro inspired constructions next to sleek modern separates.

Dahli hits the nail on the head with satin maxi dresses and cami's, which add a touch of luxury to your outfit. Dare to try the hottest hue of the season with their stunning rust coloured tops or dresses.


Throwing on any button down shirt isn’t going to cut it anymore, guys; dress shirts have become de rigour, each boasting features you want to get ready and look suave with minimum fuss.

Ben Sherman are the Rolls Royce of button down shirts, whose cuts have been perfected into regular and slim-line fits. These shirts are designed to streamline your body and sit flush on your shoulders to accentuate broadness.

For a winning ensemble, team your button down with Academy Brand shorts or pants. Rolled cuff chino shorts add swish to a smart business affair, especially teamed with high-end white sneakers.

Alternatively, you can go for the very hip jeans, t-shirt, suit jacket and Converse look. Denham jeans' whiskered washes add interest to straight up denim, and are a straight line fit rather than skinny, meaning you’re more comfortable and free to mingle with the other guests.

Resolution 3: Get More Active


Not only is it good for our waistlines, but regular exercise releases endorphins to improve your mood and self esteem; and you’ll need all that new found confidence to get social and smarten up your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re just adding a little more walking into your schedule, or organising a fun basketball session after work; getting moving is the goal.

It’s important to make sure your body is well supported whilst exercising, and that includes wearing fabrics that breathe, equipment that works and most importantly shoes that fit.


We know you love your kicks and it’s important to have a pair that serves the function of being active. Nike and Adidas are the fore-runners (pun definitely intentional) in footwear that will provide maximum shock absorption and traction for high impact activities like running and ball games.

Low to medium intensity exercises like walking, golf, or hitting the gym allow you to be a little more flexible with your footwear. Converse is of course the coolest of the cool, but with new Nike technology, your feet are more protected than ever.

Wherever you end up this New Year’s, we hope you stay safe, have fun and look great whilst doing it.

Words: Paige Maris