Glue Store works with some amazing artists to help make our store spaces come alive.

Jimmy Fardouly is one of the latest artists to work their magic on the walls of our brand new Emporium Store. Last week we sat down with him for a Q&A for our recent Student Mag and found out a little more about him and his illustrations.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?I am a Sydney based illustrator, coffee drinker, bacon eater, egg beater, basketball player depending on the weather and a Slam Magazine reader.

What are you working on at the moment?I am currently working on several projects including wall murals for the new Superglue Emporium Store in Melbourne, yardage prints for a fashion label and a gig poster for an upcoming event.

What kind of art can we expect to see at the new Emporium Store?Expect to see a mixture of graphic and illustrative as they are my strong points.

What mediums do you use within your artworks?It depends on the brief. I usually start any project or assignment with a ball point pen and paper just to rough out ideas, I would then go into either Photoshop or illustrator programs on my Mac and go nuts for hours (well i'd take a break to watch Sports Centre and a coffee). Otherwise i'd use india inks and watercolours to paint things like flowers, animals, landscapes and anything the brief needs!

One thing you used to always draw when you were younger?When I was a kid, I used to copy the characters in MAD Magazine, mainly those drawn by Mort Drucker, who was my influence at the time. It was from copying his work that got me the job at Disney Animations years later.

If somebody gave you a blank piece of paper right now what would be the first thing you would draw?I would draw a basketball player slam dunking on ten other guys in the hot summer heat of NYC out in the park using just a ball point pen and anything blank I have on hand. I do this from time to time to chill out. Some people go out for a ciggie to relax, I sketch.

Head into our Super Glue Emporium Store to see his artwork or check out his website here.