A little Friday Fun.

With the highly anticipated Womens Activewear brand Ivy Park launching on the 14th of April, we've put together a compilation of our favourite Beyoncé songs to work out to!

1. 7/11

The fierce choreography, realness, girl squad.. and did we mention the choreography? These are a few of our favourite things about 7/11! Plus, with a line like 'Fresher than you' how could it not give you that extra bit of sass we all need when we're halfway through a workout.

2. Yoncé

If we didn't think Beyoncé could get any better she goes and shows us that she has a ridiculously cool nickname and a badass circle of supermodel friends. Turn the volume up on this one!

3. Run The World

This song needs no introduction - Run The World is the power ballad that comes on at the exact moment you need it, whether thats finishing the final run on the treadmill or completing some high intensity training, she's got your back!

4. Single Ladies

One of our favourite Beyonce classic's, this is another anthem that every girl needs on their workout playlist.

5. Party

Get ready for the weekend with this song! It certainly isn't a party without a little Beyoncé turned up loudly in your earphones.

6. Countdown

This is the type of song you could pop on repeat and listen to over and over. Perfect for a high intensity workout thanks to its quick beat, we highly recommend this song for your next gym session.

7. Check On It

This video has us so convinced that throwing out every colour in our wardrobe except for pink is the best idea ever and we're okay with that. Playful, fun and catchy - we give this one the tick of approval!

8. Diva

This is definitely one of those songs that we're all guilty of pretending we're the superstar herself in our head, rapping and singing along to every word perfectly and in time. The ultimate #girlboss song, you'll be convinced you can take on the world after listening to Diva while you're working out.

9. Work It Out

It wouldn't be right if we didn't include Work It Out in the Work Out Playlist now would it? From her earlier days, this tune is smooth and holds the perfect beat for a work out. Plus we're having a serious case of wardrobe envy over that gold dress.

10. Crazy In Love

We saved the best for last. We can't get enough of this Power Couple! This is certainly one of the songs that started our love for the Queen B and continues to grow it every day.

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