Sherpa Jacket Trend | Winter Favourites

Sherpa jackets are here to stay.

As the weather gets cooler, we start searching for warmer garments and jackets to keep us cosy during the winter months.

Coats, blazers, bomber or denim jackets, you name it - layering winter clothes is always appealing as it results in that effortless wintery look and irreplaceable cosiness.

Every year, there are new styles hitting the store windows while brands keep bringing us the hottest trends straight from the runway.

Although we all enjoy trying out different jacket styles and trends, most of us secretly desire that one classic jacket, to keep us warm through many, many winters.

One of those timeless styles has to be the popular Sherpa jacket.

Glue Store | Sherpa Jacket Trend

Whether you are a winter or summer person, sherpa jackets will help you embrace the gloomy weather, while still keeping your outfit on point.

Perfect for Aussie winter, sherpa jackets are warm and cosy inside and stylish and timeless on the outside.

This cozy trend has quickly won the hearts of fashionistas and influencers all around the globe as it can be mixed and matched across different occasions and personal styles.

Thanks to its effortless design, sherpa or teddy bear jackets and coats can easily be implemented into both your workwear and street style.

From trucker jacket to popular teddy bear and parka jackets, we take you down the memory lane in order to discover how to best incorporate this must-have winter trend into your everyday wear.


Glue Store | Sherpa Jacket Trend

Back in the 1940s, American pilots were rocking the shearling-lined sheepskin bomber jackets.

Throughout the ‘50s almost every A-listed Hollywood personality rocked the popular shearling and sherpa trims, including one and only James Dean.

During the ‘80s. ‘Only Fools and Horses’ TV show had the world going crazy while Del Boy was plotting his millionaire moves in a dark suede sheepskin jacket.

Over the years, the sherpa trend has gained massive popularity, due to its lightweight structure and strong insulation, which makes it the perfect choice for winter days.


Glue Store | Sherpa Jacket Trend

Known for its fuzzy look and soft feel, Sherpa is a polyester fabric, also known as faux shearling.

Popular due to its animal-friendly status and durability, sherpa is similar to real sheep’s wool only lighter and less bulky - overall, easier for everyday wear.

This popular fabric is often used as a lining stitched to some of the trendiest jackets, such as trucker jackets and parkas.

Recently, sherpa trend contributed to the development of an even cosier style known as ‘teddy-bear’ jacket which conquered the fashion world from Instagram to celebs.

Trucker, parka or teddy coat style, whatever design suits you most, we bring you the hottest sherpa jacket styles straight from Glue Store shelves.


Glue Store | Sherpa Jacket Trend

Sherpa trucker jackets are the basis of the whole Sherpa trend. Inspired by the authentic clothing of native Himalayan cultures, this jacket arrives with sherpa lining, replacing traditional wool.

The soft and chunky interior will keep you warm, while the heavy cotton exterior provides durability and air protection.

Arriving in a classic trucker style, sherpa denim jackets are among the most popular design thanks to their versatile wear.

With traditional flap breast pockets and button closure, they feature collars with same sherpa lining for a cosy feel.

Perfect for everyday wear and layered look, sherpa trucker jackets usually arrive in a longer silhouette, covering your entire torso so matching them with a simple pullover or long-sleeve shirt is ideal.

Add your favourite pants and a pair of good old white kicks and you are ready to rock!

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Glue Store | Sherpa Jacket Trend

Soft teddy bear jackets and coats bring out the latest sherpa trend.

Made from soft fabric, they arrive in a variety of colours, lengths and designs, but mostly in this season’s favourite oversized fit.

With soft collars, button or zip closure and large pockets, they define the ultimate comfort at its best.

Inspired by softness of your childhood teddy bear, teddy coats and jackets arrive in a variety of colours, from tonal browns to vivid reds.

As seen on fashion moguls Kim Kardashian and Alexa Chung, these soft sherpa jackets are charming enough to match almost any outfit.

From workwear to off-duty ‘fits, these jackets perfectly align with different personal styles and preferences.

Rock them with a pair of jeans and old school kicks for that effortless street look, or throw on your favourite boots and a cozy sweater for a dose of city casual.

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Glue Store | Sherpa Jacket Trend

Wintery yet simple, sherpa parka jackets arrive in a timeless mid-length design, representing the staple of modern menswear fashion.

Soft sherpa lining will keep you warm while classic parka silhouette will give you that laid-back look.

Cosy and classic ant the same time, a hooded parka with sherpa lining is a true winter must-have and a style that you can comfortably repeat and wear across various occasions without a need to worry if looks good - trust us, it does.

Parka jacket can never be too casual as it perfectly matches a variety of different styles and outfits while giving your outfit an urban edge.

From classic white kicks and jeans to winter boots and cargo pants, style your sherpa parka jacket with your favourite winter essentials,

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Stay warm and stylish this winter with our range of sherpa jackets.

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