Superga, Keeping It Classic Since 1911

Superga take inspiration from their archives for the return of the classic Swallowtail design.


With a brand that feels as modern and fresh as Superga, it’s hard to believe the brand is over 100 years old!

The popular Swallowtail logo was introduced by the brand in the 1920s on the classic 2750 shoe. As the roaring twenties is coming around again, Superga have taken inspiration from their archives to re-release the original design ahead of its 100 year anniversary.

But it’s not just a case of history repeating. Superga have updated their classic design with new features and upgrades to the original so they work even better for our modern-day needs - without losing any of the original style.

As with many brands who share a long history, Superga reinvented their logo design several times before settling on the oversized S we are familiar with today.

Past designs have included the brand’s full name in various fonts, or a single Swallowtail bird.


Named after the Superga Mountain in Turin, Superga was founded in 1911 with the goal to produce a shoe that was a lightweight and breathable alternative to the heavy and uncomfortable boots worn at the time.

Supera founder Walter Martiny began production of his ideal shoe, fitting them with vulcanised rubber soles and moden materials.

By the 1920s, Superga had released the now-famous 2750 model sneaker, marked with the original Superga Swallowtail sports logo.

As fashion trends began to spread arond the world, the public were looking to adopt styles that were comfortable, yet remained stylish. This meant on-trend shoes had to be made from lighter-weight materials without compromising on looks. Sportswear and leisurewear filled this space, as the designs were made with athletes and performance in mind.

By the 1950s, trend-setters were looking to be rid of the constrictive outfits of the past, and by the 1960 fashion had moved on to a more relaxed style.

After World War II, Superga merged with Pirelli, which skyrocketed the production process of quality footwear.

By the 1970s, Superga had revolutionised the way we play sports, making shoes with features specific to different athletic needs. Fifty years after their release, the original 2750 tennis shoes were still one of the most popular products in the Superga range.

The 1980s saw Superga dabble with clothing, with a range of shirts, pants and accessories designed with the same Superga ethos of comfort and style.


Superga has a long history of working with popular designers and celebrities, and past collaborations have included Alexa Chung, Binx Walton, Fendi, Suki Waterhouse and Versace.

Actresses turned fashion designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen joined the brand in early 2013 as co-creative directors. The twins launched their collection of Superga shoes in line with their luxe ready to wear line, The Row. This wasn’t just a one-time thing, with Mary-Kate and Ashley developing all creative and marketing initiatives and distribution for Superga lines in the US to this day.

In late 2011, Steve Madden gained the rights to be the exclusive licensee for Superga in North America. As a celebration for the brand’s 100th birthday, Superga celebrated the re-introduction of the brand to the USA; cementing their global legacy even further. Madden continues to work closely with the Olsen twins for the success of Superga in North America.

While the original 2750 tennis shoe is still the most popular sneaker from Superga, the current collection offers a wide range of colours, fabrics, and prints across flatforms, platforms, low-top and and mid-top sneakers.

In addition to their original sports and vulcanised rubber-sole lines, Superga has expanded their collections to include leather and rubber boots and shoes.

If ever a company earned its title, it’s Superga with: "The People’s Shoe of Italy". What started as an initiative to help local farmers perform their work more comfortably, Superga has grown into a global phenomenon.

For over a century, the brand has made affordable and hardworking footwear that appeals to all walks of life - reminding us all that simple function with a sleek design is timeless.

You can buy Superga shoes online or in-store at Glue Store and Super Glue locations around Australia.