Superga x Glue Store | Behind The Exclusive Collab Process

Ever been interested in how exclusive product comes to life?

Glue Store and best-selling sneaker brand Superga have collaborated to launch an exclusive new style: the 2790 platforms.

The team at Superga have given us a sneak peek behind the curtain, and let us in on the step-by-step process that allows a vision of two separate brands to create this unique coveted style:

Step 1: Take a look at the existing best sellers

Superga’s white leather 2790 platform style, with the sassy 4cm boost, has been a long-time fan favourite in store. So with this as the base, Superga set their heads to work as to how they could take it to the next level.

Step 2: Review what’s working on the runways

Looking at the luxe finishes seen on the high-end sneakers this season, the team took inspiration from the likes of McQueen by adding a suede heel tab that adds a kick to the design.

Step 3: Consider what the Glue Store customer looks for in their footwear

Glue's customer likes to elevate her basics; moving them on from season-to-season, but ensuring that they still work back with her everyday wardrobe. Given this, Superga introduced the finishing touches of chic gold eyelets and branding on the heel tab for effortless sophistication.

The two new colours - white with red and white with black - join the best-selling white leather 2790 platform at Glue Store exclusively online and in-store.

Shop the entire Superga range online or in store now.