The Unbearably Cute & Stylish Icon, The Polo Bear

Polo Ralph Lauren is well-recognised for its signature Polo Pony silhouette seen in its logo which reflects the preppy aesthetic that Ralph Lauren exudes as a brand. However, The Polo Bear embodies many different lifestyles, adding more versatility and excitement to our perception of Polo. Whether the Bear is skateboarding in a preppy outfit, sipping a martini in a tuxedo, or chillin’ it in a raincoat, The Polo Bear has become a fun and warm mascot that we know and love.  


The Birth of The Polo Bear

In 1990, Ralph Lauren received a classic Steiff teddy bear dressed in an entire Ralph Lauren outfit from his design team. Ralph was so inspired that he released a Polo Bear apparel line and stuffed bear collection in 1991. The Polo Bear, named ‘Preppy Bear’ was produced in a batch of 200 bears sold within the Madison Avenue flagship store and sold out in one weekend. They also introduced the first Polo Bear sweater featuring the Polo Bear appearing like a preppy school kid dressed in a sports blazer and chinos. From then, there have been masses of Polo Bear graphic shirts, sweaters, polos, and accessories which feature the Polo Bear living many different lifestyles.

Over the last 30 years, The Polo Bear has grown ever since, emerging in pop & hip-hop culture even though this is not always being reciprocated by the brand. In the mid-2000s, Kanye West wore the red Polo Bear sweater on the launch for his debut album College Dropout. Although, West an iconic street-wear influencer and dominates hip-hop fashion has been seen wearing the Polo Bear on multiple occasions.

Everyone from Drake, John Mayer to Chance the Rapper have embraced this trend, regardless of the small production of new Polo Bear apparel releases – but this small product and rarity of these Bears have made them more sought after than ever. So, grab your Polo Bear styles now while they are in stock at Glue Store.

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