One Hit Wonders come and go, but an iconic band is forever. Get your backstage pass with our range of vintage-inspired Band tees.

Ever feel like you were born out-of-step with current pop music? Would you rather listen to The Ramones over Rita Ora and Kiss over Ke$ha?

Decades later after their greatest hits, bands like Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses, The Ramones, KISS and AC/DC are still popular. It's not your fault you were born too late to enjoy these bands in their heyday, right?


Thanks to an official licencing deal between Glamorous UK and some of the best bands of all time, Glue Store can bring you our fave band tees inspired by official tour merch of yesteryear.

AC/DC Band T-Shirt


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Formed in the early '70s, AC/DC epitomise good old Aussie Rock. Their debut studio album, 'High Voltage', was recorded in just ten days and captured the unbridled energy of their performances. A few years later this little band from Down Under signed an international deal with Atlantic Records which catapulted them to global recognition. This lead to a succession of LPs and tours with bands like Black Sabbath.

The Ramones Band T-Shirt


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Punk-rock pioneers, The Ramones emerged from NYC in the mid-70s. At the time The Ramones were considered only mildly successful, but recognition for their genre-defining sound and influence on music has grown in the decades since. In 2009 Rolling Stone magazine included them on their list of Greatest Artists Of All Time.

Guns N' Roses Band T-Shirt


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Guns N' Roses were destined to go down in history after selling 30 million copies of their debut album 'Appetite For Destruction', which still holds the title of the best-selling debut album of all time 30 years later. The popularity of 'Appetite For Destruction' was almost entirely the result of their monster hit single 'Sweet Child o' Mind'.

KISS Band T-Shirt


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From the make-up and costumes, to the fire-breathing, rockets and pyrotechnics, KISS are famous for their instantly-recognisable stage shows. KISS single-handedly changed the concert tour industry with their elaborate shows. KISS were also innovators in terms of concert merchandising, popularising non-music branded items for sale at shows. By broadening the types of merchandise available at their gigs, KISS were able to re-invest money into bigger and better shows. This practice has been picked up by musicians around the world and is now common-place for almost every live concert.

Pink Floyd Band Tee


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Pink Floyd have a couple of the all-time best-selling albums ever, and are one of the most commercially successful groups in the history of popular music. Their use of extended compositions, forward-thinking experimentation and philosophical lyrics has resulted in an unmistakable sound that has helped Pink Floyd remain interesting and relevant for over fifty years. The music has inspired countless musicians, and many artists have cited Pink Floyd's music as an inspiration, including David Bowie, Queen, Tool, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and the Smashing Pumpkins.

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