The Doctor Is In! Dr Martens Are Here To Stay

Dr Martens, the most iconic boots of all times are back.

And this time - they are here to stay. Popular Docs are spotted all around the globe and worn by celebrities, fashion icons, rappers and “It Girls”.

And while the loyal punk and rock lovers already know how to rock their pair, for those who did not get the memo, we are bringing you some of the hottest ways to style your favourite Dr Martens shoes.

Ever since goths and Kurt Cobain made Docs a part of the music culture, these combat boots have been rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Invented in Germany by Dr Klaus Martens, these tough boots have been well known for their ultimate comfort and recognisable style since 1947.

Initially worn by skinheads, scooter riders, punks and musicians these boots were a noticeable stamp of individuals with authentic and unique styles.

Fast forward to 2018, Docs are back and more popular than ever. Younger generations are embracing the cult boots design and making them a staple of fresh and cool style.

This iconic shoe style can be worn anywhere, anytime - by anyone! So keep reading to find your inspo to style your Dr Martens to express your personal style and attitude.

Gigi Hadid - Sporty and Casual

As one of the reigning icons of the modelling industry, Gigi Hadid knows how to match trends and rock every single outfit. If you are more on the comfy side, pair your Dr Martens with a pair of casual trackpants and a matching jacket. Perfect for daily errands or weekend wear, this outfit will keep you comfy and trendy at the same time.

Image: WhoWhatWear

Wear it like Gigi with StussyKyoto Print Jacket and matching trackpants.

Hailey Baldwin - Street Approved

Hailey Baldwin knows how to put on an effortless outfit. If your personal style resembles street vibes then try pairing your Docs with casual jeans and a cropped sweatshirt or hoodie. If you add a pop of colour to your outfit, you will definitely look stylish and fresh.


Wear it like Hailey with Levis 501 Skinny Jeans and Dickies Logo Cropped Hoddie.

Kourtney Kardashian - Chic Combat

As one of the stylish Kardashian sisters, Kourtney rocks her Dr Martens in this simple yet eye-catching chic outfit. Grab a pair of checked pants and a simple off the shoulder top and match it with your Docs to achieve ultimate modern fashionista vibes.


Wear it like Kourtney with Beyond Her Jane Doe Pants and Heartbeats Rib Crop Top.

Emma Watson - Everyday Rockstar

Emma Watson knows her outfit rocks as she paired her Dr Martens with a simple black leather jacket. Grab your favourite leather jacket, match it with a mini skirt and a simple tee, put your Docs on and enjoy see how a day in a life of a rock princess feels like!

Source: Instyle.come

Wear it like Emma with Tommy Hilfiger Easy Biker Jacket and Beyond Her Grid Mini Skirt

Brooklyn Beckham - Urban Wear

Coming from one of the most fashionable families, Brooklyn Beckham definitely knows how to put an outfit together. We are feeling his casual vibes in this perfect everyday outfit. Grab a white tee and a flannel shirt, pair it with your Dr Martens and pose for the gram (or paparazzi).


Wear it like Brooklyn with Deus Venice Address T-Shirt and Article No. 1 Zone Flannel Shirt

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