Get to know @karissasparke and how she wears her denim.

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1. Go-to denim fit?

Although I feel at this current time a Skinny Leg Jean is the most ‘classic’, if you will, and perhaps one of the more versatile in terms of styling. But I’m all about variety in my denim wardrobe… Lately I’m loving the 90’s look Mom jean for a more relaxed vintage feel.

2. 3 things you look for when buying denim?

  • I know some people love a really stretch denim (cue reasoning “because its just sooooo comfortable”.But personally I want my denim to be that authentic denim denim. I love the structured look, and feel that it is more flattering. Given a little bit of stretch is acceptable and certainly does my life a little more comfortable.
  • Either a mid-rise or high-rise and nothing less…. Seriously, its not flattering, its not comfortable… and no one really wants to see your underwear (or at least the top few centimetres of it).
  • Simple washes. I’m okay with a little bit of fading, particularly in a light wash denim - but typically I go for denim that has minimal washing or streaking (or whatever the denim guru's call it) Unless it is perfectly placed, it can sometimes be a little distracting.

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3. Favourite iconic denim moment you loved?

Torn between Farrah Fawcett in Charlies Angels riding her skateboard in those amazing high-waisted denim flares.. Or Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss for Calvin Klein.

4. Top 3 denim picks?

The Nobody Cult Skinny Ankle Jean, A Brand Mom Jean and the Paige Pai Hoxton Ankle Peg Samira Jean.

5. Denim styling secrets?

It all depends on the cut (obviously). With Skinny Jeans I love styling longer, looser layers. A particular favourite outfit is a boyfriend-style button up barely buttoned up at all, creating a relaxed, tomboyish vibe… With a more relaxed denim cut like a boyfriend, or a mom jean I think balance is key.

This doesn’t necessarily mean always wearing a more fitted top, but again depending on the exact cut, I like pairing back this denim with a flowy top that is slightly cropped just to show that perfectly reserved amount of midriff (this works best with a mid-high rise cut).

I think I also love a more relaxed cut of denim as you can style unexpected pieces with it, for example, a more girly top than you (or mainly I) would usually wear, or perhaps a more luxe, dressy piece, but still create a relaxed, effortless vibe that feels true to my style.

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6. How do you care for your denim?

I’m not going to lie, I’m probably not going to win any awards in washing your clothes properly. But I do try not to wash my denim too frequently, I feel like this help keeps the life in the Jeans for longer.

When I do machine wash, I try to use a gentle cycle because lets be real, hand washing is a bitch.

7. Most fun you’ve ever had in a pair of jeans?

Too many times to choose from… But probably one of the top memories that comes to mind is when I was travelling in the US with my fiance.

We were staying in Santa Monica and we hired bikes and went riding all along the beach down to Venice, and then went and played on all the equipment (gymnastic rings etc) at Muscle Beach for hours…Admittedly neither of these activities are particularly well suited to Jeans, especially not Skinny Jeans when your hanging upside down, flipping around and attempting to do any kind of splits. But it was so worth it.

We then strolled along the boardwalk at Santa Monica beach and went for an incredible vegan feast. Those jeans in particular carried me through a lot of adventures on this trip so when they eventually died (possibly pre-maturely from over-activities and stretching the limits of what any jean is made to do), it was pretty sad to see them go.

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