The Aussie summer is drawing to a close. Yep, we’re sad too. It's time to think about what you'll be wearing as the temperature drops.

Although you might be mourning the loss of 30 degree beach days by tearfully stowing away your bikinis and boardies, you should also think about how to embrace the changing seasons by giving your wardrobe a mini make-over

And what’s more, if you’re smart about it, you can do this by adding pieces which will continue to inspire you all year round!



We’re not living in the Arctic, or even somewhere like the UK for that matter. Blistering cold isn’t really on the cards for most Aussies. In fact, as we all know, by day it can still be pretty toasty in the sunshine.

So, to avoid a complete melt down on these days, and to keep you from shivering when the temperature drops with the sun, you need to layer up! It’s not rocket science and involves layering lightweight garments over one another. However, using the technique to create killer looks with pieces which will stay relevant all year round, is a little trickier. But fear not, we have some simple tips for you which should help!

Let’s start with the fundamentals for both guys and girls. Lightweight knitwear and cotton foundation pieces will be your go-to staples for layering all year round. This means anything from simple white tees to fine knit cardigans. Create a collection in neutral colours which will work with any outfit to ensure they become pivotal pieces of your regular wardrobe.

Ladies, embracing a bohemian approach to layering is a sure-fire way to make the look eternally stylish. Maxi skirts and dresses are ideal for this! Simply layer a long cardigan over a lightweight sweater, and opt for boots and tights underneath if it’s really chilly. Kimonos will also help you to nail the look, and can be layered on top of almost anything from jeans to dresses all year round (and perfect to wear to the beach over a bikini when the weather inevitably warms back up!)

If your look is more street style than boho babe, bombers are a great way to update your wardrobe. Fierce but feminine, bomber jackets are perfect for layering. For a biker chick edge, pair your bomber with some leather pants and a simple tee, and if it’s particularly chilly pull over a cool sweatshirt to complete the look. If you’re after a more girly twist, bombers are also perfect for wearing with skater skirts and, as the catwalk has shown us, midi skirts and shift dresses.


If you’re heading to the office or a more formal occasion, blazers are the perfect piece to layer over your outfit. Perfect for anything from formal dresses to capri pants and crisp white shirts, a blazer will see you through the seasons in style. Drape a blazer over your off-duty outfits at the weekend – think skinny jeans, a simple white tee and some aviators. Capes and capelttes, the trendy new cousin of the blazer, are also perfect for leisurely strolls at the weekend. Think big floppy hats or fedoras, skinny jeans and killer boots to complete the look a look is relaxed but stylish.

Hybrid pieces work well for transitional wear too. Cardigan-coats show no signs of slipping out of the limelight, and remain a key piece on the catwalk from year to year. The option to belt them up or leave them hanging open creates two different looks with just one piece. Wear it open like you would a kimono with a maxi dress or skirt and don it as you would a jacket with boots and jeans. When it becomes a little too warm, go 90’s and tie it around your waist for a touch of cute.

Gentlemen, you have heaps of different options for pieces to layer and looks to achieve. Spray jackets are the ideal transitional piece for any man, and can be used to suit a number of occasions. Perfect for both off-road or ubran adventures, you can layer them over a simple tee, cargo pants and worker boots. You can also keep your spray jacket smart by layering it over a polo or button-up shirt and chinos. If it’s really chilly, chuck on a sweater or knit jumper and tuck the collar out for a dapper edge.


The eternally classic bomber jacket is another piece fellas can user for layering. The trend continues to explode, and the piece can be used to create the perfect off-duty look. Layer over a simple combination of staples and sneakers or worker boots and you’ll look effortlessly stylish every time.

If you’re a fan of the puffer jacket but obviously can’t commit to insanely warm winter wear, the puffer vest is your style saviour. For an active day in the sunshine, simply layer it over a basic tee, cargo pants and sneakers. As the chill of the night sets in, layer it over a knitted jumper and a sweater for a stylish but relaxed look.

Chunky knits are a great alternative to the run-of-the-mill winter jacket. You can wear your thick-knit cardigan or jumper over anything from a simple tee to a dress shirt, depending on the formality of the occasion. You should also think about swapping your jeans for chinos if you need to take it up a gear.

What’s important to note about all of these pieces is that they are all style classics and will never go out of style. This means that you can wear them from season to season but also from year to year.


Guys and gals, pay attention to our final bit of style advice for a transitional wardrobe, and become engrossed in the world of accessories! Adding some simple and inexpensive items to your wardrobe can make a world of difference to your everyday looks, and will spark your creativity even when you’re working with staple pieces you’ve owned for years.

Hats are the perfect way to change things up. Ladies think fedoras, big floppy hats and woolly hats with cute little bobbles. Switch them up depending on your look that day and you’ll feel instantly inspired, we promise. Gents, classic beanies are perfect for adding some grunge to your off-duty looks, but you can also incorporate caps into your looks if that’s more your style. Though less extragvegant than the options available for the ladies, wide-brim hats and fedora's are an option for guys too!


Updating your footwear is another thing to do when the cooler months hit. Both guys and girls should embrace boots as the go-to piece shoe for the seasons ahead. Ladies whether you’re a fan of the ankle length Chelsea boot or you prefer a style that rises to your knee or even your thigh, boots are back!

Fellas, boots of all variations will work well to update your look every time. Worker boots are ideal for a relaxed look and can be teamed perfectly with jeans or cargo's. For a more sophisticated look, go for some ankle length boots whether they’re elasticated Chelsea classics or lace up dress boots. These are ideal options for wearing by night when you need to smarten up your ensemble and will keep you looking and feeling dapper every time.

And if you’re a sneaker lover, whatever your gender, think about opting for high-tops to add a little extra warmth and Autumn/Winter style to your looks.

So, by now we hope you’ve come to realise that transitioning your wardrobe to suit the chillier months isn’t a major inconvenience but more a killer opportunity to invest in items which will update your current looks. What’s more, cleverly planning your attack will ensure you build a collection of pieces which will become as valuable to you for the season ahead as they will next spring.