6 Ways You Can Help Those Affected By The Floods

This summer, Australia has seen some of the worst flooding in recorded history. Not only have people endured the loss of livelihoods and property, but the record rainfall has claimed lives as well. Here are 6 ways you can help those affected by the floods. Your assistance right now could help those worst affected rebuild in the long months ahead. 

1. Provide Food & Water Supplies

Donating money is the most direct way to provide urgent relief in the form of food and water to communities that have been cut off from supply chains. Through Vinnies you can donate to the  New South Wales relief fund and the  Queensland relief fund. 

2. Evacuation Centres and Reconnecting Families

The  Australian Red Cross is providing front-line assistance to those who have become separated from their loved ones in the floods, as well as establishing evacuation spaces for people to seek refuge from the continuing flood waters. They are accepting donations to continue providing these invaluable services to those seeking shelter. 

3. Support Volunteers

Donate to the  NSW SES and the  Queensland Fire and Emergency Service to ensure that skilled volunteers can continue to provide first-aid and rescue services to those in danger. 

4. Help Families and Farmers

Donate directly to families, farmers and businesses who have lost their homes and livelihoods to the floodwaters.  GoFundMe lets you provide support for families to rebuild their homes and buy essential supplies.

5. Volunteer in the Clean-Up Process

Brisbane City Council  is looking for volunteers to help clean up the areas that have suffered the most damage before rebuilding can commence. They are taking registrations now. The  NSW SES are also looking for volunteers.  

6. Foster an Animal Rescued from the Floodwaters 

Many animals have been separated from their families in the chaos of the floods, and some families may no longer be able to look after them in the aftermath of the disaster. The RSPCA is looking for people to foster lost pets until their owners can be located or they can be rehomed. Those with the ability to foster an animal can contact fostering@rspcaqld.org.au and fostering@rspcansw.org.au 

If you or someone you know has been mentally impacted by the floods, Lifeline has a team of professional counsellors ready to speak to you about your mental health concerns. You can call their helpline 24/7 on  13 11 14 or message them  online. Lifeline also has a  Community Recovery Team to provide psychological first aid to communities in the aftermath of major weather events. 

Beyond Blue can also be reached 24/7 over the phone on  1300 22 4636 or email them  online

In Solidarity,
The Glue Team