Established in 2014, Ena Pelly was founded by power couple Danielle Pelly and Tim Wilkins.

As a family owned business, this Australian luxury fashion brand started out from their first stall in South Melbourne Market and quickly gained worldwide popularity.

Combining modern trends with classic fits, Ena Pelly brings statement pieces for confident, independent and a little idealistic women.

Inspired by beauty and high-quality layering, Ena Pelly focuses on versatile yet practical garments, carefully designed to be both dressed up or down, while still allowing you to show off your unique personality.

Made from luxurious, natural and textured fabrics, Ena Pelly endorses minimalistic and classic ranges, with seasonal details and highlights for a standout look.

Timeless and modern at the same time, Ena Pelly brings out luxury fashion pieces for standout look all year round.

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