The Reebok Classic sneaker is back with a bang, sweeping through the 90’s trend with its distinctive retro edge.

However, there’s much more to the Reebok brand than this iconic shoe.

Developing into a pioneer in the fusion of sports, music, technology and youth culture, Reebok has launched ground breaking collaborations including the “S. Carter Collection by Rbk” with Jay Z, the line of G-Unit sneakers with 50 Cent and Scarlett Johansson’s clothing and footwear line entitled “Scarlett Hearts”.

Ambassadors of the brand’s Reebok Workout and Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers ranges also include Rick Ross, Nicole Scherzinger and Amir Khan.

Despite its clear focus on streetwear, Reebok is also famous for its strong ties with high profile sporting events including the NBA, NFL and UFC and is undoubtedly a brand that stays true to its sporting roots with its innovative technologies and evolving designs.

Today, Reebok combines modern streetwear styles with durable fabrics, carefully made to suit both workout sessions and off-duty days.

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