Essential Footwear: How To Style Sneakers

It can get complicated deciding what to eat for the week, meal prepping and figuring out how not to let groceries turn to dust at the back of the fridge. Getting dressed in the morning can be much the same, with forgotten clothes piling up at the bottom of your wardrobe while shiny new pieces hang unworn on the rail. But essential footwear for men and women can buck the trends in favour of your personal style. 

What are the Sneaker Trends for 2024?

The leading sneaker trend for this year is classic silhouettes in tried-and-true styles. At Glue Store, we are delivering the masterclass in how to style an outfit multiple ways using essential footwear as a guiding light.

Rather than committing to transient footwear trends, channel your outfit towards a sneaker in light or dark colours to create a coherent vibe. Look for flatform court sneakers, canvas high tops, and runners. Shop timeless designs from all your favourite international brands including Vans, Converse, Reebok, Adidas, Asics, and Nike.

How to Style Essential Sneakers Easily

1. Take a fan favourite such as Converse High Tops and try a new and updated twist on the classic. The Lift Hi Platform Sneakers take an outfit to new heights and provide a modern, urban edge. Style with a matching set, dark indigo denim or maxi dress and oversized shirt. 

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2.Mix up your brands. Just because you’re wearing a New Balance jacket doesn’t mean you necessarily need to be sporting their kicks as well.

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3. Chunky dad runners are here to stay. Pair iconic Three-Stripe trackpants and Adidas sneakers with a graphic Deus tee for a stylish, gym-ready fit.

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4.Let your statement pieces sing with monochrome sneakers – New Balance was made for practicality, versatility and importantly, not to overcrowd your look. A plain white sneaker pairs nicely with larger proportions through top and bottoms and a coloured vest. Wear a New Balance spray jacket with denim shorts and the New Balance 2002R.

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5. Use essential footwear to create contrast within a look. Pair a casual, feminine garment like a denim midi skirt an open-back tank top with Vans – those shoes that we usually see at skateparks and flung over power lines. Balance heavy and light fabrics through the outfit to pull off Vans with crew socks.

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6.Versatility personified. Create focal interest by going all black with a white sneaker or all white with a black sneaker. It takes your outfit from seat usher at the theatre to off duty influencer. 

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7.Pair a sheer, oversized shirt with flowy pants and a pair of Asics or platform Nike sneakers. Increase practicality with an oversized tote bag for an elevated errand look. 

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Glue Store is your one stop shop for essential footwear and sneakers as well as head-to-toe fits. Shop now instore and online. 

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