In post-World War II Japan, ASICS founder Kihachiro Onitsuka set out to inspire and boost the morale of the Japanese youth through sports. This vision nurtured the brand we all know and love today: ASICS.

Not only is ASICS one of the leading sportswear brands, but ASICS is also recognised as one of the most influential brands committed to the wellbeing of its consumers. From day one, the company’s ethos and mission has been accustomed to promoting total wellness of mind, body and spirit. With this in mind, the ASICS was born as an acronym of the Latin phrase ‘Anima Sana In Corpore Sano’ which translates to ‘a sound mind in a sound body’.

The notorious athleisure giant, ASICS, stands apart with its innovative commitment to human-centric design. Developing unique structures to accommodate all consumers, from elite athletes to the fashion-forward individual, ASICS effortlessly comes to mind when selecting your ideal men’s and women’s runners. Taking the industry by storm, ASICS is worn by some of the world's greatest athletes, inlcluding Novak Djokovic.

Using their simple ‘2 of 8 rule’, each shoe designed by ASICS must follow, and improve, 2 out of 8 features. If you’re after scientifically-curated (by ASICS Research Institute of Sports Science) cushioning, stability, flexibility, fit, grip, breathability, weight, and durability, look no further.

ASICS launches the Women’s Sportstyle Japan S and Japan S Platforms with cushioning and stability curated to perfection.

Feel as if you are floating on air with the weightless
Men’s Preleus, providing increased breathability and cushioning.

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