Over 70 million units of G-Shock watches have now been sold worldwide. As a pioneer that constantly ups its offering and its game, Casio remains at the cutting edge of watch technology and the G-Shock range is its biggest example.

Casio released the G-Shock range back in 1983 to combat the notion that watches were merely “fragile instruments” and worked on a rugged and robust shape to create an “unbreakable watch”.

What’s more the piece was founded on the “Triple 10” concept, and had to live up to the promise of a 10 year battery life, 10 bar water resistance and 10 meter dropping shock resistance.

The G-Shock watch is the stunt performer of the watch world, and with its iconic styling has become an instantly recognisable piece that swept through the fashion world.

Although the brand stays true to the “basic inherent structure” of the original G-Shock watch, the latest technologies, designs, materials and colours used, ensure that the watch continues to act as a pioneer.