Founded by three outdoor enthusiasts, Jansport is a Seattle-based brand, established in 1967.

Focused on creating an innovative backpack design, Jansport founders have successfully launched the famous and first-ever aluminium-framed adjustable backpack.

Soon after, the company gained popularity among University of Washington students, who opted for JanSport hiking packs and started using them as uni backpacks to keep their books dry in the rain.

Dedicated to timeless quality and durability, JanSport team is focused on finding innovative designs and solutions with a range of functional and versatile products.

With a variety of packs, bags and outdoor gear, JanSport has the right equipment to keep you comfy and packed on your next great adventure.

Offering lifetime warranty on all their bags, JanSport believes that all good stuff should last along with unforgettable memories and lifetime friendships.

Chase your next outdoor adventure with our range of JanSport products.