Famous for its “Just Do It” slogan and swoosh logo, Nike has created a culture of multi-purpose sportswear, which is just as relevant for the track as it is for the city.

Renowned for sponsoring famous sporting events including the 2012 Olympics, Nike has backed top athletes from Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods and maintains its strong ties with the sporting world. However, the brand has made a definite transition into the lifestyle sector, creating products which are recognised worldwide.

Nike’s most recent Roshe Run line spiked a major sneaker revolution, and became one of its most successful lines to date. Not a corner could be turned after 2014 without seeing a pair of these ultra-stylish running shoes!

Nike legacy also includes the iconic Air Max sneakers, first unveiled in 1987 as the first shoe to showcase “visible air.” The sneaker is far from a simple athletic shoe and has become part of everyday streetwear across the globe.