About Miss Selfridge


Miss Selfridge started life in 1966 Britain as a youth fashion section in High Street department store Selfridges. The Miss Selfridge label grew swiftly in strength and popularity after a trip to New York inspired owner Charles Clore to market directly to an ever-growing market thirsty for the latest trends, fabrics and head-turning style.

It was through the success and desires of these 60s fashionistas that, by 1969, independent Miss Selfridge stores had popped up throughout the city. Using mannequins based on 60s style icon and model Twiggy, Miss Selfridge has always been about cutting-edge fashion. Miss Selfridge was also one of the first retailers to use Kate Moss in their campaigns, and Miss Selfridge's current trend-setting celebrity super-fans include Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kesha and Jessie J.


Oozing confidence and original feminine style, Miss Selfridge delivers inspirational and vibrant modern fashion for head-to-toe glamour for any occasion. Lush, on-trend fabrics with delightful bejewelled, shimmering or beaded detailing show off the variety and originality of their garments, whilst quality construction promises many wears.

Fill your wardrobe with mix-and-match pieces from Miss S, and you're guaranteed to always have something to wear!


Dress up, or down, with Miss Selfridge's extensive collections; ranging from day wear to prom dresses, pinafores to evening wear and each and every sparkling, dazzling or dramatic accessory you could dream for.

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