Culture Machine for ABrand and Glue Store.

Introducing our Exclusive Summer Campaign with Abrand featuring a stellar lineup of local babes @jessie_khoo, @rachelteetyler, @torilevett, @karinaannehunt and @lala_meow which can now be seen in our Store Windows nationwide.

Behind the lens was Yasmin Suteja from theCulture Machine Duo, so we sat down with her for a little Q&A to find out more about what it was like shooting the Campaign in here hometown Bali, her favourite Summer spots and what denim she’ll be living in next Season.


Name: Yasmin Suteja

Tell us about Culture Machine: Culture Machine is a boutique Creative Agency. Myself and my Partner Kale, work together to produce photo and video content for Fashion Labels. We also represent models and H&MUA’s, are commissioned as a team (Photographer, Filmmaker, H&MUA, Model etc) to produce and shoot Fashion Campaign and Social Media content.

Favourite place to spend time at in Bali: Crate Cafe + Pretty Poison Bar/ Skate Bowl

Tell us why you love Summer in Bali: All of my best friends are usually in town from all over the world. It’s the best time of year!

Favourite Brunch and Weekend Nightlife Spot: Brunch – Crate Cafe @cratecafeNightlite – Pretty Poison @prettypoison___

Favourite memory from the Campaign Shoot:  Everything about shooting a denim campaign in Bali – dream come true!

Describe your ideal Summer : 2014

What are your favourite must have ABrand items for Summer:

1. I practically live in these flares and have been wearing them all throughout my Cali Desert Adventures  – they’re perfect!

2. I hardly ever wear skirts, but this denim skirt is a favourite. 

3. High Waisted and just enough distress – these denim shorts are an essential for Summer.

If Culture Machine was a song what would it be: John Cage – 4’33”

If Culture Machine was a location in Bali what would it be: SALT Studio

If Culture Machine was a food what would it be: Sushi


Abrand Jeans, Pool, Blogger

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